My 5 Favorite Positive And Motivational YouTube Channels

Whenever I am in a slump and need some extra motivation, I either reach for a book or watch a youtube video from my favorite motivational YouTubers. These channels are absolutely positively uplifting.

  1. Tom Biley’s Impact Theory. He is one of the three founders of Quest – yes, that nutritional bar, you can find just about everywhere. But making people healthy is not his only passion. Giving people the opportunity to reach their potential, by sharing amazing information that is motivational and most importantly actionable is another. He interviews thought-leaders, and makes a point to create actual action steps for his audience to follow along, and change their lives.
  2. Christopher Allen – his lifestyle, luxury, and planning channel is filled with absolute positivity, that stems from a selfless devotion to his audience. He emphasizes on kindness, and self-care, with his own unique, relatable style, while showcasing some of the more refined luxury products out there. What I love about Christopher is that he takes his time to read and comment on every single comment he receives, and always makes these responses personal. He is truly a nice person, so it is always a pleasure to watch his videos.
  3. Cole And Marmalade – Alright, this is officially the cutest cat youtube channel out there. These two cats are hyper – I am glad mine are a lot more laid back than that – but I also love that their owners (or more likely their servants) create the coolest DIY spaces for their furry monsters. And one of the cats (Marmalade) looks almost like my cat Charlie
  4. Boho Berry – the ultimate Bullet Journal Queen – at least in my opinion! This channel is filled with awesome tips on how to get your life planned out and have fun doing it. I believe that planning is a vital part of being successful, and bullet journaling allows the freedom to plan around your individual needs, life, and business. For the best instructions on how to do just that, you should check out her channel
  5. Five Minute Crafts – not actually a craft channel, but more like a lifehack channel, that covers anything from getting organized, to how to pack your luggage properly, all in a short period of time, and without much extra effort. If you want to stay organized, but are pressed for time, you should check out that channel.


Thanks to some very dedicated YouTubers, motivation and productivity advice, as well as positive messages are only a click away. Take advantage of that, especially on days when nothing seems to go your way.

Just a word of caution:

Don’t fall into the youtube rabbit hole, and emerge hours later. Make sure that you set a time limit for yourself – every time you take advantage of the awesomeness that is on that platform, otherwise it will become counterproductive.

Question: What is your favorite positive, motivational or informational youtube channel you watch on a regular basis? Share your favorites in the comment section below!

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