Mueller Thumb Brace – A Review

There are many reasons why thumb braces can come in handy (no pun intended), for acute injuries or chronic illnesses, but we (my daughter and I) use thumb braces to keep our thumbs from sub- or dislocating due to a hereditary chronic illness called EDS.

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For that it is important that we have thumb braces and splints that are reversible – meaning can be used for both hands. I don’t always have problems with one or the other hand, so it gets switched quite often, depending on activity and day.

This is where Mueller thumb brace comes in:

The Pros of Mueller Thumb Brace (also known as the Mueller Sports Reversible Thumb Stabilizer)

  • it is usable for both hands as I mentioned already. That is a must for me and my family.
  • It is not too long – when I use the brace for my thumb, I don’t need my entire arm demobilized. With this short brace, I am not covered completely, which is awesome, because we live in a very hot climate here in Las Vegas – who needs more stuff to wear when it is already over 100 Degrees?
  • It comes in two colors – and none of them are white. A long time ago (I am mean a couple of decades ago) my choice for any brace was none – and usually white. Thankfully this brace comes in black (my preferred choice) and grey, which is neither too light nor too dark.
  • It has three adjustable straps – my hands tend to swell from time to time, so I can adjust the brace as needed without cutting off any circulation
  • It is breathable – well, it is still hot, but not as hot as some braces I have worn. Again, we have too much heat already, I don’t need any extra heat via sweaty braces!
  • It is very affordable! Considering how many different types of braces and splints we need in our home, for multiple purposes and people, it can get pretty expensive! I am glad that this durable product is so affordable!



  • out of some reason the grey version of this brace is almost double the price than the black version. That somehow does not make any sense to me (at least via Amazon – and at the time of the posting – maybe that will change, who knows?)
  • there is some wiggle room, so there is no true complete immobilization. You may want to keep that in mind, depending on what your physical needs are. This point was not too much of an issue for me or  for my daughter, but I know others who would not be able to use it, on this point alone
  • It may irritate the space between your thumb and forefinger if you have sensitive skin. For those of you with that problem, I recommend the other brace I have in my house (which is a little bit more expensive) by Vive. It has basically the same features than the Mueller brace.




The Mueller thumb splint – also called a thumb stabilizer  – is an inexpensive alternative to more expensive braces, as long as you are not looking for complete immobilization of the thumb.


Question: What braces or medical devices to you depend on? Which ones would you recommend? I would love to hear from you! 

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2 thoughts on “Mueller Thumb Brace – A Review

  1. Hi!
    First I know no pun was intended in the first line but I laughed anyway, so good job on that 😉

    A quick question for you, I do not have any articulation problems or illness with my thumbs, but I play the guitar a lot and sometimes my left thumb gets painful afterward due to the angle the articulation has when playing. Do you think a thumb brace it could help?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. yes, I sure would think so. I know someone who played a lot of video games, and therefore had hand and thumb issues which were reduced when using a thumb brace. 

      Just make sure that it has a tight fight, so that you don’t have too much room for your thumb to fight it. The more room I have in a thumb splint the less effective it is for me, because it will actually agravate the already irritated joint. Not sure how that would apply to you, but I would pay attention to that, just in case.


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