Mindfulness Is Doing What You Love, And Allowing Yourself To Be Present

Mindfulness Is Doing What You Love, And Allowing Yourself To Be Present

Of course, mindfulness asks you not only be present during the times of joy but always be present at the moment, without attaching to the outcome. Connected to your present self, mindfulness brings with it a quiet peace. Yet, during moments of doing something you love, when the thoughts in your mind may wander to what you should do, rather than what you are doing, the practice of mindfulness can silent those opposing voices, and bring you back to the moment of self-care and peace.

I have been grateful and privileged to embrace those moments today, and over the last few days. You see, I love writing and reading.  My passion is the written word, may it come in the form of a poem, a short story, a novel, or a screenplay. I am in awe at the craft of others creators, only hoping and wishing that at one point I will be as good as them.

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This is the reason why I have allowed one of my pleasures to become a part of my job. I now review books not only for a platform called NetGalley (which I have been doing for 3 years now), but also for a site called Harlequin Junkie, and I am a part of the blogging team of iBookTours (enter the real name). This way, I can practice what I love mindfully. I can embrace the moments of reading without the guilt of other duties undone, of activities unfulfilled. I made a commitment to the Authors, the site owners, and to the Publishers to read the books given to me. They are grazing the pages of my book blog Within The Pages Of A Book, and of course Goodreads, and above-mentioned places.

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My gratitude to have found a way to make my love for words become a part of my online business, actually made me consider something I have not considered in a while. You see, working on my other goals left me no time to work on my love for words, on not just reading, but writing on my projects. They are waiting for me to wake up, and in the middle of practicing mindfulness, I heard a different thought, a more positive thought – why not?

I have a feeling, I am going to be doing some reshuffling of my schedule, figuring out time that I can steal away to write, without the guilt, truly being present, and doing what I love.

Mindfulness works funny that way.

Today’s post, not only showcased what I am grateful for but is also a part of the Friendly Fill-Ins Blog Hop.

Today, we are asked to fill in the following sentences: 

1. My guiding word for 2017 is_______________
2.________________class reunion__________
3.Truth be told, I am superstitious about________
4.4. Lately, I have been

My answers are:

1. My guiding word for 2017 is trust. I trust the Universe, but whenever it comes down to handing things over that I ask for, I tend to get all anxious and imagine what all can go wrong, or why I do not deserve something. I am going to trust in the guidance I receive, and act upon that. Well, at least that is the goal.
2.I can not participate in my class reunions, because first of all, they are not as big of a deal in Germany than they are here in the US, and because I live in the US, that would be very expensive, especially because I come with my entourage of three rescue pets, and two kids. My husband goes on business trips a lot, so more likely than not everywhere I would travel, it would be the six of us. Can you imagine what that would cost, from the US to Germany? The thought alone makes me shiver.
3.Truth be told, I am superstitious about absolutely nothing. I do however have some peculiar beliefs that might not be mainstream, but they are not superstitions. So, I don’t care about if the 13th falls on a Friday.
4. Lately, I have been making a lot of raw food recipes. I finally replaced my old kitchen machine and bought a really heavy duty one, that can handle just about everything you can throw at it. So I made raw cookies, raw sauces, raw cheesecake raw taco meat (made with walnuts, not actual meat, lol).

I am looking forward to reading everyone else’s answers!
May you all be mindful of your dreams, and what truly makes your heart sing.



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