Mindful Pet Parenting: Keep These Essential Oils Away From Your Pets!

While I find it very important to include essential oils in the treatment, and wellness routines of adult humans, I want to remind my readers with pets, that some of what is healthy for us, is potentially poisonous to our pets. That is why I have chosen to collect a list of essential oils that you should never use with your pets.


The following essential oils are harmful to various degrees to your cat:

Juniper/Juniper Berry
Orange (Bitter, Blood, Sweet)
Tangerine Citrus
Tea Tree


The following essential oils are potentially harmful to your dog:


Sweet birch,
Tea tree (melaleuca),



If you suspect your animal of any kind (including birds) to be poisoned by essential oils or = other substances hazardous to their health, take them to a vet immediately. You can also contact the Pet Poison Hotline at 800-213-6680 – which is available 24 hours a day.

Make sure you store your essential oils in a closed container. Animals are naturally curious and might be attracted by some of these interesting smells, so pet proof your home, similar to how you would child-proof a home, especially if you have young dogs and cats in your home.


Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe From Poison


  1. Lock up all essential oils, fragrant oils, and household cleaners away and out of their reach. Even if you only use environmentally friendly cleaning products in your home, they are still not safe for your animals!
  2. Spent some time on their level, crawling around your home, and seeing your living quarters out of their perspective. Remove any dangerous items, and move them to a higher shelf or area. Make sure they do not have access to mobs or cleaning cloths that have been exposed to dangerous cleaning supplies.
  3. Keep an eye on your candles. Some dogs have been known to eat them, so don’t give them the opportunity. Candles often contain scents via essential oils, and perfumes, so even those who are made out of natural beeswax can be dangerous for your pets.
  4. Make sure that you leave any medication within their reach. Your naturally curious pet can confuse them with a treat
  5. Keep a tightly closed lid on your garbage cans, and empty them, before you leave your home, to avoid temptations. Not only will you prevent a messy surprise but the chances of a poisoning and choking incident will be greatly reduced.
  6. Remember that some people foods are poisonous to animals. Never leave leftover food in their reach. For more information on what foods are dangerous for your animals, visit the ASPCA’s website.
  7. Keep indoor plants away from your animals! Just like foods, some of these plants that are harmless to humans can cause severe poisoning in your pets. Make sure you have only plants in your home, that are safe for your particular pet, and keep them out of reach when they are out of your sight.

Extra Tip:

Liquid potpourri or other fragrant oils are also very poisonous to animals! Make sure that they are stored on a higher shelf, even if they are in a child-proof container. Remember that dogs can and will chew through containers if they are either bored or curious enough or if the content smells good to them.

Happy and Healthy Pet Parenting!



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