Mindful Parenting: Check The Car’s Car Seat Safety Rating Before Purchase

Mindful Parenting: Check The Car Safety Rating Before Purchase
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While we don’t have any small children anymore, we do have friends that do, which often means, that a car seat somehow needs to make its way into our car. That is why I am looking at the Car Seat Checklist from Cars.com before purchasing our new car.

Thankfully, the 2018 MINI Countryman, which will be ours shortly,  has quite a high rating, despite it not being a very large car, but safety is my number one concern overall, even if I consider that driving around a bunch of small children is not a daily occurrence for me.


Still, it was nice to know that our former car (may it rest in pieces), a 2015 Kia Sedona was actually a Car Safety Check winner! If I would have known about this little handy website before purchasing that van, I would have been even more excited than I was already about the Kia Sedona.

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What I liked most about this Cars.com feature is that it does not just let you know what the rating of the individual car is, but describes in details – with pictures – how the safety check team came to the conclusion. It is one thing to trust someone’s word for what they are saying, it is another when you can see the details on an actual try-out yourself. I love that.

It is really easy to use – simply use the drop-down menu to find the Make, Model, and Year of your car (or the one you are looking to purchase), and click search. Within seconds you will have your search result.

So if you are in the market for a new car, or are interested in seeing if your car has a good car seat rating, you should use this application, and share it with all of your friends! Safety is, in my opinion, the most important part of being a mindful parent.

Question: Have you checked your car’s car seat rating yet? How did it rate? Based on the rating would you make a different purchasing decision? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below! 



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