Mindful Moving – The Art Of Living Positively

Mindful Moving – The Art Of Living Positively

Hi there,
Some of you may have noticed that I have been a little AWOL over the last few days. We have been moving our large family and our business over the weekend, which is always quite an adventure.

Yet, mindfulness does not have to be a practice that is only taken seriously when it is easy. Moving, and staying mindful is possible, even if your patience and resolve may be tested. It sure had been for us, as we had to wait for the entire weekend for our gas to be turned on, which meant no hot water for showers, no heater, no cooking and no hot water for dishes.

We could have made ourselves miserable by taking this as a negative, and complain about this occurrence, which after all we could not change, and was not the fault of anyone – it was a last minute move after all, and there are only so many open appointment times available for service calls.

Instead, we utilized the resources at hand and were grateful for what we had. Thanks to our move we are minutes away from awesome restaurants, and Trader Joe’s which has great prepared salads, and wraps, even for Vegans, like my daughter. We stayed grateful, met some of the nice people living close by, and took our time to put everything in its perfect space.

A few years ago, my mind would have wondered to the “wouldn’t it be nice”, or “I wish people just would…”. Instead, I enjoyed myself, and we had a calm weekend, even inviting some friends.

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This changing perspective was a choice, to stay focused on the joys of the moment, to be grateful in all situation, and to find the positive. It is not necessary an easy task as first, especially when chronic negative thinking has been in place for years. Just like any other discipline, it takes practice, and will also require your patience.

Keep the following mindful and positive thinking guidelines in mind, when starting a positive living practice:

Mindful Moving – The Art Of Living Positively1. Temporarily falling back into old thinking patterns is not a failure, but simply a stepping stone. The fact that you recognized your negative thinking pattern is a good thing and shows that you are making a shift in your thinking. Acknowledge your thoughts, and let them go.

2. Don’t force yourself to feel happy. Forcing an emotion you are not ready for only puts pressure on yourself, and can actually lead to depressive thoughts. I rather suggest that you acknowledge your feelings at the present moment, and then become present in your activities instead. It gives you a chance to let go of your past failures, and future worries, without forcing yourself to a “happy state”.

3. Acknowledge other people’s current state as valid. While you don’t have to outwardly say that you are agreeing with them, or conform to someone else’s reality, you can still kindly remind yourself that their present state is nothing something you can forcefully change. Being a grateful, kind and present person, without the force of words, or debates can actually be more influential than explaining why they should begin thinking in a different way, even if this practice works well for you.

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4. Remember that anger has its place in your life too. Unless you are chronically angry – which is a state that should be examined by a mental health practitioner – you should not dismiss but rather examine your feelings of anger, and see if it can be an indicator for a much-needed change. If you look at your feelings as guides, rather than as something that you should guide, you can become a more effective person in all areas of your life. The important point here is to examine your emotions, rather than instantly reacting to them. Ask yourself why you are feeling a certain way, and what that tells you about the situation you are in.

Mindful and positive living is an art form that requires commitment, but with the various positive health and mental benefits that result from such a commitment, it is worth the effort.

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9 thoughts on “Mindful Moving – The Art Of Living Positively

  1. I really like #1 and #4. I never thought about going back to old habits as recognizing them as bad. That’s such a good way to look at it! And thinking of anger as not entirely bad is realistic too.

  2. I would have to agree on this one. It’s really important that you try to live and think as positive as you can. It’s really going to change the way you view life and the challenges that come your way. It’s a good message. I hope a lot of people will read this post and realize that.

  3. What a great mindful post. It’s so easy to flip back in bad habits. You looked at the brighter side, it’s temporary and you got to meet new people because of the failure of the gas, as well as getting to know your surroundings. Sounds like a win, win to me x

  4. Well put. When I pretended I was happy it ended up making me feel worse but when I acknowledged that I wasn’t happy, being honest with myself actually made me more inclined to live positively. I guess it is that notion of ‘living positively’ x

  5. I always strive to stay positive and be a positive person. Sometimes, it can be difficult to do so, but spreading positivity is so important! I completely agree that forcing yourself to be happy doesn’t work. Sometimes it’s better to just be content and let emotions flow!

  6. These are some great points in regards to positive thinking. I tend to be a negative thinker but continue to work on becoming more positive. I like what you say about it being a commitment. It definitely is and I continually work on creating more positive thinking in my life.

  7. What a wonderful topic. I’m someone who is a reformed people pleaser .. and have discovered pretending for other people made me feel miserable. This year my intention has been to treat myself with the same level of kindness I would show to a friend. It’s been incredible and made me happier (in my spirit) more than I’ve been for a very long time

  8. These are all so amazing tips on living positively. I love the one about acknowledging other people’s current state as valid. It’s definitely important to respect that people feel, think and act differently and they have their own life journey.

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