Mindful Art Of The Week: White-Gold-Green Mandala by Lozsart

Mindful Art Of The Week: White-Gold-Green Mandala by Lozsart

Welcome to my new weekly feature – Mindful Art Of The Week, where I will feature mindful, peaceful and intriguing art pieces from around the web, sharing it with you every Sunday from now on.


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                            Mandala by Lozsart


I love Mandalas, their calming and delicate details are a perfect addition to my mindfulness practice. But, while I don’t just love creating them, I love the interpretation that other artists create from this form of expression and mindfulness.

Lozsart, an independent artist from Australia, specializes in Mandalas, Celtic Knots, and bird from her native home. I am in awe of the above shown mandala created by her, which showcases her love for detail, depth, and subtle color combinations.

You can learn more about Lozart, and her creative and mindful pieces of art by visiting her profile on RedBubble.

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Do you love drawing mandalas? Do you use print outs, or adults coloring books, or your own designs? Share your thoughts on this mindful art form in the comment section below!




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3 thoughts on “Mindful Art Of The Week: White-Gold-Green Mandala by Lozsart

  1. Hi, thanks so much to the commitment of showing art once a week. Art is such an amazing form of mindfulness that people often overlook. The ability to get lost in a piece is the exact definition of mindfulness. I actually love the piece mostly because of the limited colors usage. Some great advice I got when doing some mandalas was to pick just a few colors, and in this particular piece it does make a big difference.

    1. thank you for understanding exactly why I have decided to follow my instinct to begin this series. I have been thinking about it for a while now, but was not sure about it.

      I am looking forward to featuring another interesting artist next week, and I hope you will stop by then too.



  2. Thanks for your lovely comments on my mandala drawing! Glad you like enjoyed it. I was given some framing matts from a neighbour and I loved the color and texture of this board so I decided to draw on it. I was experimenting with metallic ink pens and this would be one of my first mandalas. I have since published a few coloring in books and coloring in calendars and diaries that feature celtic knots, mandalas and Australian Birds. These are available on eBay lozs.loot or my website lozsart.com.au. Celtic Knots are very peaceful to finish, but require deep concentration to create, which also is fantastic for good brain health 🙂

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