Mindful Art Of The Week # 3: Spiritual Tree


I am a little behind this week, due to some unexpected added workload, so I am posting this week featured “Mindful Art Of The Week, on a Tuesday. I am glad you joined me today.

This week I am featuring a stunning art piece by (enter the name), called “Spiritual Tree”. As a person permanently connected to nature – one thing I am continuously grateful for to my late father – I love when art portrays the spiritual connection I feel with it. Trees, in particular, have a very special and meditative effect on me.


Tree Of Life

The symbol of the tree of life is an archetype that is widespread throughout many religious and spiritual path. Deeply rooted in mythology, it has made its presence is known in Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, as well as ancient Egypt. Wisdom, longevity, and sometimes even immortality.

TShirtGifts works with a wide variety of subjects and spiritual paths, but another one of the pieces that struck me was this stunning depiction of a sunflower.

About The Artist:

“T-Shirts Gifts Shop designs reflect my personal life and travels – Internal & External. From Peace – War – Anti War, Christian to Asian Religions and fitness attempts.

Included are Feelings, Attitudes and Life Style Designs. I have grown to be a more reflective, accepting and ridiculous person in my attempt to awake on the right side of the ground each morning.

This I Share With You Individually And Collectively.”

You can find all of the art featured here on RedBubble. And as always, thank you for supporting independent artists.

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