Mindful Art Of The Week #2: Gratitude by SandraRos

Mindful Art Of The Week #2: Gratitude by SandraRos

This Week’s Featured Artist: SandraRos

I place art in my home and office to connect with the calm energy of positive mindful creations, and every time I come across an artist, like today’s featured artist SandraRos, I am exited to not only share them with you, but also integrate them into my personal life.

SandraRos’ beautiful floral images were exactly portraying the soft and warm, relaxed feel I was looking for.

I especially enjoyed this peaceful piece, she calls “Gratitude” 

Gratitude by SandraRos

Sandra is an artist from South Africa, who loves to travel, and takes advantage of every opportunity to take pictures of flowers, and more to integrate them in her art, in the most delicate way. I love that she chooses warm colors, that have a soothing quality.

Another stunning example of her art is this piece” Time and Silence” 

Both pieces are available on RedBubble, as posters, home decor, greeting cards and more.

Find More Of SandraRos’ Art Here

Please remember to support independent artists, like SandraRos, by purchasing their art from platforms like RedBubble, which makes it easy to connect artist no matter what subject matter to a broader audience.

Thank you!



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14 thoughts on “Mindful Art Of The Week #2: Gratitude by SandraRos

  1. Love the artwork. There’s something about flowers that makes me feel peaceful. I could easily envision them in our house.

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