Mind And Body: 2 Quick Mindfulness Exercises

Your day is busy enough as it is, adding more activities to it, even if they are meant to assist you in living a healthy life, can add stress instead of reducing it. But what if I could tell you that the techniques in this article “Mind And Body: 2 Quick Mindfulness Exercises” that mindfulness would only take a fraction of your time, and could be seemingly placed into your day?
Quick Mindfulness Exercise # 1:
Mind And Body – Breathing Mindfully:
  1. Choose a location where you can work on autopilot, like washing the dishes, mopping the floor, walking to your dogs, or taking a shower.
  2. Focus on your breathing. Do not try to change your breathing pattern, just become aware of your breathing. Now shift your focus to one aspect of your surroundings.
  3. Stay in this conscious awareness for five minutes.
Quick Mindfulness Exercise # 2:
Mind And Body – Eating Mindfully:
  1. Choose a time where you can eat your meal alone. This will work in a family setting as well, once you have practiced your mindful eating more frequently, but to start out, begin this technique when you are eating alone.
  2. Focus on each individual movement and action. From how the fork feels in your hand, the movement of it toward your mouth, the sensation of the food, it’s taste, texture, temperature and more.
  3. Stay in this awareness during your entire meal, until you become aware of the subtle nudge your body gives you when you begin to feel satisfied. Stop then immediately.
As you can see, mindfulness techniques can be practiced at any given time. While they take some repetition to be able to stay focused for a longer period of time, they are a great stress reduction and anxiety relief technique, that does not need any special equipment or take any extra time out of your day.
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Mindfulness allows you to train your mind to be aware of your now. You’re Now is your most important ally and your most powerful point of control. Allowing yourself to move away from the usual mind clutter, that often is accompanied by very negative self-talk, is a healthy way to allow the connection of mind and body to heal, to de-stress, to detoxify.


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6 thoughts on “Mind And Body: 2 Quick Mindfulness Exercises

  1. It’s great that you have emphasised here that mindfulness is something that you can do whilst you are occupied.
    We often think that meditation requires you to in some way withdraw from your daily activities, and sit in a quiet room somewhere, which is often quite impractical to do. I practice mindfulness whenever I can as it is very beneficial, the key, I find, is making a habit of it.

    1. absolutely – repetition is the key here, but once people realize how easy it is to integrate, then forming the habit of mindfulness becomes a joyful task. Thanks for commenting – blessings!

  2. I really like your page!! I work constantly and have just made the choice to stop stressing over everything the world wants me to do and take back my life. The problem I am having is letting go of feelings of stress that I have functioned with for the last 15 years. I will definitely be trying your mechanics and coming back to see more. So, keep up the good work and give me information to help myself!!

    1. will do Kim, thank you – yes, I can relate – I work 12 to 15 hour days, and have a hard time letting go, so without mindfulness I would be nervous wreck and never sleep. I am glad that you found value in this post, and I will try my best to bring you more – blessings!

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of positive mind training such as showing gratitude, praising myself for goods that I have done, positive visualization and etc. And recently, I’ve been thinking about adding something that is more “spiritual,” “mindful,” “meditational” or whatever you may call it to my daily ritual and see how it will affect me in long term. I was thinking about doing meditation but mindful exercise seem like a better way to transit smoothly since it can be done any where and anytime conveniently. I used to practice briefly when I was in college. I used to practice it as I’m walking towards my class or walking back home.
    But since now I spend a lot of idle time driving, I’ve been thinking about doing that in my car but then I’m not sure if it will be too dangerous at first or not. What’s your take on that?

    1. I am personally not a fan of doing any mindfulness exercises while operating any machines, including driving a car. That said, I am not someone who needs to control my inner chatter when driving, I tend to be too hyper focused on the road. But that is my personal preference. It truly depends on your driving ability, how you approach driving, and if you have some practice in mindfulness, which you already do.

      I find mindfulness an essential part of a spiritual practice, especially when getting ready for a “prayer”, “ritual”, or however you approach your connecting with deity. I am a Pagan Hedgewitch, and to me, trance, connection and an altered state are essential to the effective practice of my Craft. Mindfulness can get me ready for that state of connectiveness and emersion. I find drinking tea within the practice of mindfulness is a ritual in itself.

      Thank you for stopping by.



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