Law of Attraction Book Reviews: Redefine Your Manifestation Skills

Law of Attraction Book Reviews-

Do you love to read? I absolutely love to read any chance I get. Books bring us so much more than mere entertainment, they have the power to change our lives! That is one of the reasons, why today, I will be beginning a new  weekly series of Law of Attraction Book reviews, sharing with you new and old books on the subject of co-creation, Law of Attraction and manifestation. Allow me to introduce you to the first book in the series:

Title: Law of Attraction Habits – 5 Habits To Supercharge Your Manifestation Skills
Author: Chris Tomasso
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Release Date: March 15th, 2015
Rating 3/5 Stars
Our habits can play havoc on our ability to control our inner chatter, thought-pattern and therefore our ability to profoundly influence our ability to utilize the Law of Attraction to our fullest potential. Chris Tomasso attempts with this book to create new positive habits that counterplay just that.


Focusing on the following 5 habits

Habit 1. Emotional Awareness
Habit 2. Meditation
Habit 3. Ease
Habit 4. Appreciation
Habit 5. Letting Go

he offers some practical advice on how to chance our destructive thinking and actions and redefining them into a more positive active pattern of behavior.
While this book offers a great overview on the basics of habit control and Law of Attraction, it lacks the depth that is
found in so many other Law of Attraction books. It is a short, simple book, positively and engagingly constructed, yet
is directed only to those who are very novice in the field of Law of Attraction.

There are no concrete meditation techniques mentioned, Yoga and Tai Chi is almost disregardingly mentioned as a meditation alternative, and the tips given are brief and shallow.

If you are looking for an in-depth introduction to Law of Attraction, you are looking at the wrong place. If you are however looking for a quick reminder of the effects of our habits on our ability to manifest, this inexpensive book might do the trick for you.

You can purchase Law of Attraction Habits by Chris Tomasso on Amazon Kindle right now! 



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