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The TikTok trend is continuously changing. It can be a huge task to keep up with current trends on the TikTokplatform. You must have thought about how to stay up to date and win the platform without missing a beat. Well, if you couldn’t do that, then worry not! We are here to rescue you.

When it comes to TikTok expertise, we have made predictions on what we think will get a massive trend on TikTok in 2020. So without further ado, let’s dive in to find more.

Meme Culture

As marketers, we are aware of how memes dominate the social media world. Many marketers fail to realize that many memes that we see on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even YouTube are from TikTok. Currently, meme formatted videos and text-based related humor is the most popular format on this social media platform, and this isn’t going away anytime soon.

While we see them revolving around and being relatable with everyday situations such as sleeping through your alarm, stubbing your toe, or staying late at work on a Friday, meme culture on TikTok typically uses a song to drive the content forward. Well do you know because of this, the song Old Town Road became the most talked thing in 2019.

However, you need to study the brands carefully if you are trying to get involved with the meme culture on TikTok. There is also a probable risk of falling into ‘working hard to be cool’ territory. So make sure that your meme includes the following elements before becoming a part of the meme world:

  • Content must be relatable
  • Content must be humorous
  • Content must be easily accessible for others to be a part of it.

Memes attract millions of viewers, so you must do them right as it has a high chance of ending up on the trending page. There are chances that your created song would become famous over other social media platforms. 

Influencer Collaboration

The influencer market has made a big explosion in recent times, and it’s looking to become even more common marketing practice for business in the coming time. With the market prediction to reach 5-10 billion dollars in the upcoming years, TikTok influencer’s marketing potential is being noticed by music marketers, brand marketers, and product marketers. Influencers on TikTok have loyal followers who take up their recommendations and respect their opinions. You can promote a song and get exclusive access to audiences from all around the world but majorly from the local community. If the brands contract TikTok influencers, it becomes easy for them to capture the attention of potential customers. Buy tiktok likes for your video to get the right industry influencer for your marketing.

Viral Comedy Challenges

It is a fact that TikTok content is organic and relatable. One of the viral trends in TikTok is comedy challenges. This challenge is presently dominating the platform. You can find a variety of comic style content through prank videos, sketches, or dance challenges on the TikTok app. We all know how Gen Z responds to comedy combined with music on the platform, and this is how we can predict the trend going on or something going viral.

With platform pushing in more new effects, TikTok’s short-form video style is coupled with the multitude of TikTok’s results and a good song that leads into a comedic content. An excellent example of the use of these effects was a song challenge for ‘pérdoname,’ a song of Iznik.

Mental And Self-Care Awareness

Indeed, TikTok relies quite heavily on comedy; however, there is a serious side to Gen Z’s favorite platform, TikTok. It is the social awareness side of this social media platform. Topics such as mental health and self-care also trend on TikTok. It is because the generation resonates more, and TikTok has more likely become a safe place to talk about these issues. For example, we can see a #selfcare, a popular hashtag on the platform, and has now amassed over 133m views. It is as per predictions that this trend will be a big one to watch out for in 2020.

These are the tips and tricks you can use to garner the audience and improve marketing on this platform. If you want to win the hearts of Gen Z, make sure you follow these:

  • Think Advertainment – Make sure to create engaging and relatable content to drive streams.
  • Utilize technology – Find the use of the latest technology and engage Gen Z.
  • Be on-trend – Discover the road to reach high status and become a global hit overnight, something which happened with “Old Town Road.”

Now all you must do is optimize the tools for your TikTok campaign. You can take steps in the right direction and maximize the potential to earn trending status. Stay one step ahead by utilizing these current trends on TikTok and tips to create a trending hit today!