Keeping A Faith Journal

Keeping A Faith Journal
I want to start by pointing out that faith journals are not tied to any particular religion or belief system. While the majority of faith journals out there, that I have seen on the internet are made by Christian women – and some of them are truly pieces of art – faith journals can be kept by any other major or minor religion. As an eclectic Pagan, my Faith journal might differ a little from that of someone with a more traditional faith background, but the purpose of it might be quite similar.
Why I keep a faith journal
Aside from planners and bullet journaling for my day-to-day activities, I needed a place to set aside specifically for my faith. Because – as a pagan – I don’t have a universal book to reference back to, I collect my religious information in journals. For those of you who are familiar with Paganism, you may think of the Witches’ Book of Shadows, or a Grimoire as a standard practice (especially in Wicca), but those pertain a magickal practice (for me, at least), while my Faith Journal is focused in my devotional practice, through prayer, contemplation, and devotion.
What to keep in your faith journal
Keeping A Faith Journal - OpenBecause it is such a personal practice, this type of journaling is as individual as the person keeping it. I have however found a few common traits in most faith journals
  1. Prayers
  2. gratitude lists
  3. Scripture or Holy Text (if applicable)
  4. Prayer Requests
What Supplies Are Needed
Keeping A Faith Journal - SuppliesThere are no special supplies needed for starting and maintaining a faith journal. I personally use a  Evernote moleskin,  Рbecause I like to upload my previous Faith Journals to Evernote, once I am done with them, just in case they get lost or damaged. You can create a binder, use a standard journal, or a simple notebook to work with.
With all of my journaling and planning, I use Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, because they don’t bleed, even through regular notebook paper, and because they are relatively inexpensive. I also use a ballpoint pen – any type that I have on hand at the moment, simply because they are convenient.
Of course, you can get creative, and include stickers, scrap book papers, special inserts and all kinds of other wonderful things into your journal, and be as creative as you want to be. I prefer the more subtle approach in my own journal.
I will be sharing more of my journaling pages – including those in my faith journal, on Instagram and Twitter, over the next few days and weeks.
Question: Do you keep a journal of any kind? What type of journal do you keep?

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