Just A Girl – A Flash Fiction

Just A Girl - A Flash Fiction

This was the worst, and scariest day of her short life, the day where everything would change, and nothing would ever be the same.
A slave to a custom, that never dared to ask what she wanted, her choices not relevant, her young age not an obstacle.
She was, after all, just a girl, her father’s property, for him to give away, so she could become the property of another.
A person, whom she had never met, and who would from now on, be the one deciding for her, where she could go, whom she could talk to, and to bare his children.
Pushing back the tears, she tried to smile through the delicate veil her Aunt put upon her, awaiting her new fate, as a wife.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This post was inspired by this weeks Flash Fiction Prompt: “Marriage” 



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9 thoughts on “Just A Girl – A Flash Fiction

    1. It is a sad truth, that has it’s roots in religion and traditions that should never have been a part of any societies culture, but so sadly still is. We women are considered second class, even in those developed countries, just imagine how hard it is for those with not the protections European and American women take for granted! My heart breaks for those girls.

      Thank you for stopping by, and commenting!

  1. It is a harsh fact women have to live with. I really hope that time brings about a change in this inhuman custom that robs the innocence and the childhood of those little girls who are forced to live life on others’ terms. Very well written.

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