Is Breathe Right The Right Solution For Allergy Sufferers? A Review

Is Breathe Right The Right Solution For Allergy Sufferers? A Review

Over the last few days, my allergies have been keeping me awake at night, with breathing problems, so I decided, I am going to try something new. Breathe Right Nasal strips have been on the market for a while, and have been advertised everywhere, but I do not know anyone who has actually used them. Well, I decided that it was time to give them a  try, I had nothing to loose.

Breathe Right Strips

My first shock was that they are actually pretty expensive, priced as high as over-the-counter allergy medicine, such
as Claritin. There are cheaper generic brands available, but the price difference did not seem enough to me, to warrant testing them, before the original product.

I was surprised at how sticky the strip felt, which made me feel at ease, at first, because I assumed that this would mean the strip was going to stick. Following the instructions precisely was easy, the placement of the breathe right natural and fast. What I did not count on, is that after about two hours, it stopped sticking to my nose on one side. I reapplied it, went to sleep, and woke up with that one side not sticking again, and with the same breathing problems, I already had in the first place.

For me, as a severe allergy sufferer, the strips did nothing, expect not stick for the 12 hours it says that they can be worn. These strips might bring some relief, if you have a mild cold, and do not want to take medication, so the next time anyone in the family has these symptoms, I will let them try it. I did feel like the strip was trying to pull up my nostrils which only emphasises what I am already thinking: this strip is made for those with a mild cold, and not with allergies, even though it says so on the package.

The positive side is, that despite the fact that I have very sensitive skin, I had no reaction to the strip, which is wonderful, as I tend to break out to just about everything.

Conclusion and Verdict:

Try this product if you have a cold, and want to get some sleep. Place the strip on your nose, right before going to bed, and make sure that you placed it right the first time, as it will lose its sticking power even more, if you pull it off your face, and re-adjust it. The Breathe Right Strips are not meant for those with severe allergies.

Check out this alternative to the Breathe Right Strips, to ease your nasal congestion, due to allergies:

Claritin ReadyTabs offer a 24-hour relief from outdoor allergies, without having to swallow a tablet.
Simply place the tablet on your tongue and allow it to dissolve, which it does within a very short period of time. For over-the-counter relief, there is nothing better. Available on Amazon now!

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