How To Use The Echo Dot As A Positive Living Tool

Did you know you could use Amazon’s Echo Dot as a positive living tool? Neither did I, until I finally broke down and purchased one (now I have three, lol). Of course, whenever I buy something that I think is cool, I have to dig further and try to turn it into something that can help me with my goal to live a positive life. The Echo Dot was no difference.

What I found was pretty neat. Not only was I able to listen to my positive audible books, while I am doing household chores, but I am also able to enable skills, that are specifically designed to increase an uplifting mindset. One of my favorites is the Daily Affirmation skill, which enables me to ask Alexa to provide me with an affirmation, anytime, I feel like I need a little pick me up. And if I want to recall the particular affirmation, I can go into my Alexa app, and find it in the history. I must admit, I am not sure how far back that history would go, but I do know that I can re-read it also on my Fire HD that is Alexa enabled.

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For those times when anxiety strikes, I use the “white noise” skills that is a part of the Echo Dot and Alexa. Once enabled – which you only have to do once – I can command it to play beach sounds, rain sounds, or my personal favorite bird sounds. In this function, the Echo Dot works like a gentle white noise machine, that allows me to relax, when using it as a focus tool, during especially turbulent times.

Speaking of anxiety: after an almost break-in a few years back, diverted only by my vigilant dogs, I was always worried if my doors were locked, especially once I laid down for the night. Echo Dot, in combination with our August Smart Lock, can make sure that they are, no matter where I am in the house (within the Echo Dot’s listening range – we have three, which covers our living areas pretty well), which is a peace of mind, that made not only me but also my kids feel secure again.

There are some other fun applications that are just plain a good thing, in my opinion. As an avid (and constant) coffee drinker, I can direct Alexa to turn on my WiFi enabled coffee machine from Mr. Coffee. Don’t have a WiFi coffee machine? Not a problem, you can use a much cheaper Alexa enabled plug, that turns any device or lamp you plug in, into a voice controlled device. How cool is that?

Additional fun Echo Dot skills, I use:

  • Enable the Harry Potter Quiz skill for some fun trivia
  • Enable the food tracker skill to assist you in keeping track of all of your meals, and beverage intakes
  • My morning/my evening skill, to assist in having an awesome routine to start and end your day – works well with The Miracle Morning
  • Daily Kindness gives you a daily hint on how you incorporate more kindness into your life.

You can find a list of a few thousand Alexa skills for your Echo Dot here – most of them are free!

If you never had any Alexa products, but are not ready to jump into getting an Echo Dot, read my review on the Amazon Wand, which is Alexa enabled, and basically free!



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