How To Use Oregano Essential Oil – A Practical DIY Guide

Many health food stores and natural grocery stores have added a variety of essential oils to their inventory, which might make you wonder how to use these essentials oils, such as oregano essential oil. To answer your question, I have compiled some information about this powerful herb for you.

Oregano Essential Oil As A Hand Sanitizer

Utilising the powerful antibiotic and antibacterial properties found in oregano essential oils, it can be mixed with a carrier oil to make a simple hand sanitizer. Because it is too strong to use on its own, you should choose your carrier oil wisely – olive oil, if you are prone to dry skin or coconut oil for normal skin.

Simply mix:

10 drops of oregano oil to
2 teaspoons of carrier oil, and rub into your hands.

Oregano Essential Oil As A Respiratory Aid

To help with respiratory infections, add three drops of the oil into a bowl of steaming hot water. Place a towel loosely over your head, as you bend over the bowl, inhaling the vapors. This should be done, once a day, until the symptoms have subsided.

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Oregano Essential Oil As An Acne Spot Treatment

For an overnight acne spot treatment, mix equal amounts of oregano oil with the carrier oil of your choice, and place them on the spots you want to treat, making sure, that you do not place it on open scrapes or wounds. Leave on overnight, and rinse off with warm water in the morning.

How To Use Oregano Essential Oil - A Practical GuideOregano Essential Oils An A Treatment For Athletes Foot

Place the following essential oils into a small spray bottle, and shake well before use
20 Drops of Oregano Essential Oil
20 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
20 drops of Geranium Essential Oil
20 drops of Tea Tree Oil
2 teaspoons of jojoba oil
4 tablespoons of water

Spray on feet twice a day, allowing the mixture to air dry. For highly sensitive skin, add an additional two tablespoons of water to the mixture. Do not use on cracked feet or broken skin!

Do not use oregano essential oil internally, and be sure that you do not use this oil if you are prone to allergies to oregano.

For culinary information on oregano, check out my article O is For Oregano. 



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8 thoughts on “How To Use Oregano Essential Oil – A Practical DIY Guide

  1. I love your site. I’ve been a fan of tea tree/Manuka/Melaleuca oil for years now and it really is magic stuff.

    I didn’t know about oregano oil so I have to check that out. It seems that your site is well established with lots of good content and the layout is very calming. Good luck.

    1. Hi Norah, yeah Avalon Media is two and a half years old now – on wordpress that is. Before that I ran it on blogger for about a year. It is the flagship and base for my online adventures – my other sites, like, my design stores,our Kindle business and our two other sites that are about to get started. I love everything about wellness, and was raised on Alternative medicine, with a family who specialized in organic gardening.

      I agree that tea tree oil is magical! I am a true fan! Glad you stopped by!


  2. I’ve recently been introduced to Oregano oil and I’ve been using the diluted version as an antibiotic for oncoming flus and colds. It works wonders. I didn’t know I can use it as an respiratory aid which is awesome as I suffer from really bad congestion when I get sick. Thanks for sharing. Do you know if Oregano oil is safe to take as a preventative measure everyday?

  3. Claudia, I like this website of yours. I am taking notes on the set-up. The ads aren’t terribly obtrusive. You’ve included a number of social media sites I haven’t considered and I like that you’ve put little thingees on the bottom featuring related posts. One more way to encourage interaction! Cool!

    The post is very engaging. I’ve tried oregano oil for a variety of things and I do know it works….

  4. Wow I never knew there were so many uses for Oregano essential oil! I’ve never used it but have heard bits and pieces of information on it.

    I’m interested in using it as a hand sanitizer as well as an acne spot treatment! Really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. Thank you for this very informative article on the practical uses for oregano oil.

    I was first introduced to the many benefits of oregano a few years back when I was constantly getting sinus infections. I walked into my local health food store and they recommended using it. I didn’t put much hope in it, but I gave it try and I’m sure glad I did. I haven’t had sinus infection in quite some time.

    Have you ever used oregano oil as remedy for sinus infections?

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