How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions The Entire Year

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions The Entire Year

Are you starting to think about New Years Resolution? Right about the time when we can feel the extra weight we have put on from all of the Holiday Cheer, our focus begins to shift toward the upcoming year, and how we can get back to our goals – no matter if they are losing weight, stop smoking, stop procrastinating, or whatever other habit or lifestyle you are trying to achieve.

But we also know already that we are most likely not going to follow through on most of them, as we have done, year after year, after making these commitments.

How To Keep Your Resolutions

1. Stop setting year-long resolutions, and make month-long commitments.
Instead of going for the entire length of a year, decide which particular habit you want to focus on for a month, and try to work on that. It takes 21 Days to make a habit stick, so using a month-long theme can solidify anything you want to change for good.

2. Know your reasons
For every resolution, have at least three good and one great reason to do what you are planning on doing. Only if you have a solid reason to motivate yourself with when the change becomes tough, will you stick with it. Willpower alone is not enough.

3. Keep a resolution journal
Begin with a new journal, where you have your goals written out, as well as your reasons for each goal. Read those reasons each day, I suggest making the reading a part of your morning and evening routine. Write any wins or misses in your new journal.

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4. Drop The Guilt
If you have fallen short on your resolution for one day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, focus on the opportunity to do better the next day, and note in your journal what has caused your slip up, so you can avoid or change the situation that made you miss your goal in the first place.

5. Celebrate your wins.
Every month, you should celebrate any wins you have achieved. Give yourself a special something for sticking with a  resolution. Make sure the celebration does not break your new habit – so no cake at the end of a weight loss month.  Instead treat yourself with something that is stress-reducing, and fun.

I hope that this upcoming year will be the year where you will be able to follow through on all of the goals you have
set for yourself.

Question: What are the goals you have set for 2017? Do you set goals or resolutions each year? Leave your answer in the comment section below.



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