How To Keep Your Kids Hydrated During Summer Months

How To Keep Your Kids Hydrated During Summer Months

Summers are busy times, especially for kids. From camps to vacations, and simply hanging out with friends, kids are constantly active and are often outdoors. It is also the time of excessive heat warnings and long days in the sun.

Because of that, I – as many other parents – am constantly concerned about my children’s health, especially when it comes to the subject of staying hydrated.

As you probably already know, you shouldn’t wait until your kids tell you they are thirsty. When they do it, they are already suffering from a minor dehydration.

Kids, especially active kids, are more prone to dehydration since their bodies don’t cool down as efficiently as adult bodies. Plus, drinking water does a lot more than simply slake thirst. It is also a cooling mechanism that helps with cognitive function, with digestion, and it transports nutrients and fluids.

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When you have an active kid, it’s hard to make him stop with his playing and games “just” to stay hydrated. If you’re in this situation, here are some things you can do to make sure your kid stays well hydrated during the entire Summer:

#1: Create Good Habits:

Human beings are creatures of habits. That is no different for adults or children. So, if you create the good habit of having your kid drink water throughout the entire day, it will be easier to keep him hydrated. You can start by offering healthy drinks (not just water) with snacks and at every meal. Make it a part of their routine, and hang up colorful reminders on the fridge, or anywhere else they are easily visible to your children.

#2: Add Some Flavor:

There are some kids that are difficult to handle when it comes to drinking water.  you can offer them some sports drinks, but I prefer the natural way, by adding a few slices of fruit to their chilled waters.  Each member of our family has their personal favorite: my daughter prefers citrus, usually a slice of orange, and a slice of lemon, while my son likes mixed berry water the best – strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

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#3: What To Avoid:

When you are looking for different beverages that can replace water, make sure that you avoid the ones that contain caffeine as well as sodas or iced teas. While a beverage that contains caffeine can actually accelerate the dehydration process, sodas and iced teas are just very high in sugar which is unhealthy. Because of that,  only make them available when you don’t have any other choice. And most of the time, you will have another, healthier choice.

#4: Keep Them Cool:

Popsicles are one of the best chances you have to make your kid drink more water. They are just some frozen treats that include a lot of water and have different flavors. You can be sure the colors will attract them immediately and they will do a quick break on the game or activity. Choose all fruit varieties, that are widely available in most stores, or make your own fruit bars, with fresh fruit juice.  Sorbets are also fun and can be topped with their favorite fruit. No matter how tempting, try to stay away from dairy ice cream – even Greek yogurt ice cream bars, as a tool to hydrate.

#5: Eat And Drink Your Fruits And Vegetables:

There are many fruits and vegetables that are great sources of water besides being a nutritious and healthy snack. Even though you can also offer some fruit juice, not all of them are created equal, as some have a very high concentration of sugar. Make watermelon juice, or offer the fruit cooled throughout the day. You can also make fruit juice blends, that include cucumber and carrot juice, mixed with apples. Another very tasty option is to half their juice with sparkling water – to make a flavorful and healthy drink. In our family, we use Gerolsteiner sparkling water to make these fruit drinks – which is widely available on Amazon, Whole Foods, and some local grocery stores.  You can also freeze grapes for a healthy, frozen snack – grapes have a water content of over 70 percent. A work of caution though – grapes are only a safe snack for older kids, and even those children should be seated when consuming frozen grapes.


Helping your kids to stay hydrated doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. Just put yourself in their shoes. You would only stop playing in case something was attractive enough to do it. Plus, when you develop good habits, your task will be a lot easier.

Happy Summer!




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  1. Those are some really good tips, I’ll definitely try them as I have a VERY active kid (she is literally runnin arround the whole day). Thank you for your article

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