How To Get A Good Night Sleep Naturally

How To Get A Good Night Sleep Naturally

Tired of waking up tired? I know, I have been in the past, and it left me feeling groggy, moody, and just plain miserable. However, once I figured out how to get a good night sleep, naturally (without the aid of over-the-counter or prescription drugs), I was not only in a better mood, but able to focus more, retain more of what I have learned, and could once again, outwork most people around me. Basically, I was back to my old, silly, happy, weird and wired self! What a relief!

Because I know how many people are suffering from sleep problems, like I had, I wanted to share with you what I have learned today, so you too can get to sleep naturally, without all of the nasty side effects of pharmaceuticals. Have you ever read the fine print on those things? It is scary!

First, get to the bottom of the problem!

1. Examine your sleeping arrangement. Are you sleeping in a room, that is dark enough? Are there any noises that disturb you? Do you have the television in your bedroom? If you said yes to any of these questions, fix this first. Darken your room properly, to get into a proper sleep cycle. Eliminate noises, or if not possible, think about using ear plugs every night. And remove the television out of the bedroom.

2. Get  and keep a sleep diary. Keep a journal next to your bed, so you can note the following information: your time when you go to bed, and your time when you leave the bed, as well as notes on if you had any disturbing dreams. Include the date which each entrance, so you can recognize patterns, and eliminate  them. For example, if you sleep worse, after watching an action filled show, you will notice the pattern via your sleep journal, and you can change your behavior accordingly.

3. Wear a sleep tracker. My favorite sleep tracker is the Fitbit Blaze, because of its multi-functionality. Sleep trackers monitor how restless, or restful your sleep really is. I was shocked to find out, how much I moved during my sleep, and how restless I actually was every single night! No wonder I was tired!

Having Sleep Problems? Try ThisTake Action:

Now that you have some ideas on what actions to take, due to your sleep and habit tracking, you can begin to eliminate some of these disturbances already. On top of that, you can begin to change other habits that will assist you in getting  a better night sleep.

1. Turn off all electronics 30 minutes before going to bed
2. Practice a gentle stretching/yoga routine right before bed time.
3. Create a soothing bedtime routine, such as journaling, meditation, reading something uplifting, and repeating affirmations
4. Go to bed always at the same time, even on weekends, and get out of bed at the same time.
5. Drink herbal sleep-time tea (the recipe is at the end of this article), sweetened with coconut sugar (vegan), or raw honey
6. Sleep with an herbal pillow – lavender sleep pillows are the best for sleeplessness
7. Take a warm bath before going to sleep, adding one of the following essential oils to your bath: lemon balm, lavender, or ylang-ylang, do not use more than 15 drops of the pure essential oil per bath for best result

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Herbal Sleep Time Tea:

Mix the following herbs in equal parts:

1 part lemon balm
1 part hops
1 part St. John’s Worth

Mix well, place in airtight mason jar. Use 1 tablespoon of the Herbal Sleep Time Tea mixture, per cup of hot water. Allow to steep for 8 minutes. Strain, and sweeten with coconut sugar or raw, local honey as desired.




I hope you found this article informative.



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33 thoughts on “How To Get A Good Night Sleep Naturally

  1. It is always hard for me to go to sleep at the same time. I’m very social and am often out late on the weekends. But these are all some amazing tips. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I think my problem is that I get in bed to early. The best version is when I am freshly showered after work out and watch some tv show on my computer. Even though I love Sherlock, I fall asleep just perfectly when I watch it. So if I want to watch it, it must be the daytime.

    1. ah, yes, you might want to shorten the time your spend in bed, or change your sleeping time, to a schedule that suits you better. Blessings!

    1. I am such a tea-advocate! Maybe we can convince more people together, on how wonderful it is to help them sleep (and more), blessings!

    1. thank you – relaxation has never been my forte either, I am quite a hyper person, until the last second, so this takes effort in my part too, blessings!

  3. Thanks for this information! I’m a terrible sleeper. I’ve put lavender drops on my pillow and it helps a lot. You really do need to shut down all electronics before bed!!! That bright light in the dark messes with your sleep cycle for sure.

  4. It’s important that you have a night time routine especially if you have trouble sleeping. These are very good pointers and it’s definitely going to help!

    1. hi Lex, go to bed! Seriously, thanks for reading though. Try some of these tips, and especially the tea, and see if it helps you.

  5. Not getting enough sleep is never fun especially during the weekdays. It’s important to give your body a sleeping schedule so that you can make sure that you get enough sleep. I agree with the tips that you have here!

  6. Definitely i post i can do with now. I do not get to bed before 2 AM most days and im not an early riser either. this affects my daily schedule negatively. In fact, I wouldnt be able to recall the last time I saw a sunrise. 🙂

    1. it is indeed, but it’s calming effect can help people fall asleep as well, but you can use valerian as an alternative in the tea, if you rather would not
      use St. John’s worth. Blessings!

  7. I don’t have sleeping problems (need to knock on weed!). Usually I fall asleep after a minute or two when i have closed my eyes. I think it’s important not to have electronical gadgets near you. That’s why I leave my mobile in another room fro night.

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