How To Be Mindful In Everyday Life – Mindful Shopping

Mindfulness to me is a mixture of awareness of the present moment, and loving kindness, which is practiced through thoughtful and ethical behavior. There are many possibilities to bring both of these aspects into your everyday life, without taking yourself out of the experiences of your normal routine. Becoming aware of what our actions, feelings, and connections to the present moment can be practiced by something as simple as shopping.

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Mindful Shopping Practices

Take going to the grocery store for example. Often we are overwhelmed by the need to fulfill our self-imposed result more often sidetracked by children, spouses, budget, other people, and all of the other outward influences we are bombarded with, as we enter a store. As you enter the store, you have the opportunity to become aware of your surroundings and be present, instead. There is no need to stop at the entrance to do that – which would be against the above mentioned loving kindness behavior – but rather to become centered in that particular experience.

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If you are with children, you can direct your attention to their present state, and instead of directing or correcting them, observe, and allow. You are much more unlikely to react out of anger, frustration, or your own sense of overwhelmed when you become aware of their sense of self. From this state, you can then direct your attention with loving kindness toward the next action that needs to be achieved.

Awareness Of The Present Abundance

Mindfulness can also turn your overwhelm into observation of abundance. Most western society grocery stores, fill us with large amounts of choices, even if we are on a small budget. You can turn, with this change of direct and deliberate attention, your sense of lack, to a sense of gratefulness. It is a present moment choice, a moment of connecting with what is happening right in front of you, rather than reacting to our past or future pressures.

Making ethical, deliberate, and thoughtful choices from your moment of awareness, brings with it the ability to affect your society positively. Your mindful decisions can bring forth the power of awareness-purchasing, leading to conscious choices that are made with loving-kindness for the planet in our care.

Mindfulness Fosters Positive Interactions

Connecting with other shoppers or employees, during your time of shopping, can be also become a part of your mindfulness practice. See these interactions as a reflection of their present moment state, and approach with the kindness of a peaceful mind, rather than being influenced by stress and overactive emotions.

It is very much possible to develop a peaceful mindfulness practice throughout your daily life, no matter which situations, or actions you find yourself in.





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15 thoughts on “How To Be Mindful In Everyday Life – Mindful Shopping

  1. I also think that it is much easier to be mindful in the grocery store if you (and the kids) eat or have a small snack before you shop. That way your choices won’t be driven by immediate hunger and you can think about future food choice more clearly in the present.

    1. I think mindfulness is related to all areas of our lives. Stay tuned for more articles on the practical side of mindfulness. Blessings!

  2. I love to shop by myself and for me it really is a form of retail ‘therapy’ I love just browsing the latest trends and getting a bit of exercise whilst doing it!

    1. aw yes, I can see how shopping can be so therapeutic with the right outlook! And exercising too, especially when you have access to a well air conditioned mall. Blessings!

  3. I love this post .. especially because it reminds me to focus on something like my finances and shopping. These are great tips .. I can go along for a long time and do really well .. then I’ll fall off the wagon. Bookmarking for the next time that happens

  4. I love this, it’s such a nice reminder for us all to be more mindful. We often think ahead and just make sure we finish the task at hand as fast as we can. But if you change your focus and be more in the moment than trying to be one step ahead, you’ll find yourself calmer and more patient.

  5. It is a great thing that people seemed to be embracing a lifestyle filled with more awareness these days. I agree with all your points.

  6. Really enjoyed this post. I so often am distracted and overwhelmed at the grocery store due to my children. I need to become more aware of their sense of self. This I believe can be achieved if I set out more time at the store and do not feel rushed.

    1. I am glad that you found this article useful, Kristen. I hope you find a way to implement some of the mindfulness techniques, in order to be your best self, everywhere you go.


  7. I get distracted so easily not just when I shop but with everything and that has an impact on my work and studies, I would definitely read your other posts too as they seem pretty interesting.

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