How To Address Complaints To Amazon And Get Results

How To Address Complaints To Amazon And Get Results
While most of the time, Amazon products, and delivery are very reliable, it can happen that at times, even as a Prime member, something goes wrong. But there are ways to help you get the best possible customer service experience when contacting Amazon about issues with your order. I have had an issue with a delivery driver saying he could not access our building, despite the fact that our apartment complexes gates are only locked at night, which in turn caused me to contact support to get my order. They not only got the delivery driver to come back out but ended up extending my Prime membership for one month. At the end, the problem was solved rather quickly.
  1. Choose the best option to state your complaint. While you have various options to contact customer support, such as email, via phone or by chat, I have found that the most reliable way – and one that gives you the most control, while you have instant contact with a representative is via the online chat option.
  2. Have your customer order ID ready before you start contacting support, as well as any supporting evidence, such as an image of the damaged product, or any other supportive information. In order to make it easier for the customer service rep to actually help you in a timely manner, having all of the info you need in front of you, will save you and them time and hassle.
  3. Be polite and to the point, keeping in mind that this person did not have anything to do with the problem you are facing at the moment. For the most part, the people on either of the contact options are trying their best to resolve the issue as fast as possible.
  4. Keep a record of names of the people you talked to, any promises they made you, and any other points of importance for a later note. I have had to do follow ups on customer service reps before, and it was a lot easier because I had the records in front of me. You can get emailed transcripts of the chat interactions, but again, it is easier to simply keep records in the first place.
  5. Let them know that you will follow up, if necessary. I always add that at the end of the conversation, making sure to note, that I will hold them accountable for anything that was promised. It ensures, that I am not getting overpromised resolutions that no one is willing to keep.
  6. Give ample, yet reasonable time for this issue to be fixed. Refunds take time, returns do as well, and sometimes the replacements are out of stock. Be patient – to an extent.
  7. Do a follow-up, if necessary, and if the issue is still not resolved, ask to be contacted by a supervisor. This one is important. It is rare that I have to do that, but I get a high volume of products on an almost daily basis, both professionally and personally, send to our home. Every once in a while, I have to follow up to get the issue resolved, and asking to talk to a supervisor, has so far always ended up with a positive outcome of any situation.

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Do you have any negative experiences with an Amazon delivery? Did it get resolved for you? How was your customer service experience?

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11 thoughts on “How To Address Complaints To Amazon And Get Results

  1. [ Smiles ] Honestly, I have never ordered anything through the services of Amazon.

    However, this information will let me know what to do the day that I order something from Amazon and I end up being dissatisfied.

    1. indeed. That is why I wanted to share my experiences, and what I learned from them. Thank you, Mardene, blessings!

  2. Being polite gets way further than being rude. We moved to Hawaii the end of the year and I know several people get upset because they do not receive their Prime in 2 days. The first thing they say, “I’m going to call and give Amazon a piece of my mind!” Well, hmmmm….did they ship it in a timely manner? The answer is yes. Ok, you do realize it has to cross the ocean? It will add a bit of time to the shipment. I think we react before we think and we feel by being irate that we will get what we want.

    1. yes, being polite alone will get you better service anywhere! There are always those who complain about everything, maybe they just like the drama. Blessings!

  3. I have never really had a problem with AMAZON specifically…. Except for 2 times when I used AMAZON NOW… They messed up my delivery, thus they credited my account and then I called the restaurant I ordered from and they had the food already made so… I went and picked it up – FREE DINNER! hahahaha!

    1. I have not used their restaurant feature yet, but I use Amazon Now all of the time – and have the least problem with that part actually. Free dinner is awesome, lol! Blessings!

  4. Wow I believe I have always had a great experience with Amazon including returns. Its good to know there is help out there for anyone who may not have such a great experience as I have done !

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