How Letting Go Of A Few Things Can Help You Succeed

Giving up and letting go, have such a negative association, that as soon as someone asks you to give something up, many of us shut down, even rebel. Yet giving up and letting go of the right things in your life, can make space for so much more, so much better, and help you free yourself of a baggage bagage that holds you back from achieving your best state of being.


Let go of people who are pulling you down.
I am sure you have heard that you are as successful as the 5 people you spent the most time with. If you are surrounded by naysayers, and dream killers, or those who simply do not have a positive outlook on life, distance yourself from them, whenever possible. Instead, find people to connect with that challenge you to become a better person than you already are.


Let go of time wasters
Watching an excessive amount of television, or spending a lot of time on social media – unless that is your job – is a waste of time and energy, that not only leaves no room for productive activities but also can make you depressed. Social media has a negative effect on your positive outlook if you choose to connect too often. Unplug from TV and social media, and take deliberate action instead.




Let go of clutter
There is a reason why minimalism and decluttering are such a popular trend right now. There is a freeing that happens when you let go of the items that no longer serve you. Not only will you have a more quiet, relaxing space, you will also make room for the stuff that you really want.


Let go of digital clutter
While the first step should be physical clutter in your home, you should consider doing the same with your digital space. Your devices will run better, plus you will have an opportunity to be less distracted by what is already on your computer, or mobile device. Only have the minimally needed apps on your phone, and get rid of the messenger apps, such as facebook completely.



Let go of unnecessary space
I get it, having a lot of space in your home, is a sign of prosperity and abundance. But it is also a space that needs to be cleaned, maintained, and heated. If you live in a large home, or apartment without any kids, consider downsizing a bit. That also gives you the opportunity to get into a better neighborhood, or a more luxurious place. Luxury does not have to be space, luxury is quality over quantity.


And that is where I want to end it today. Luxury is not having a lot of space or a lot of things. Luxury is quality over quantity. With this, healthier mindset alone, you can make a lot of progress in achieving your goals, no matter if they are personal, related to relationships, or professional.


Question: What are you willing to let go of to be more successful? Leave a comment below!


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