Her – A Flash Fiction

She wasn’t supposed to be here, hell she was not even supposed to be in this country, according to his sources, but even the best sources could get it wrong. His heart broke with every step she took toward him, knowing that, no matter what he would say, he could not explain away the pain he had caused her, the pain of him leaving her behind, even if it was to keep her safe.
Her eyes, fixed on his, dark with a deep well of emotions, he brazed himself for a tirade of screams, accusation, and yes, even a slap. But he never expected, that she would place her lips on his own.

Copyright Claudia H. Blanton 2015


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9 thoughts on “Her – A Flash Fiction

  1. Oh! I love this one! Your writing is superb, and I was swept away to the lovely – and surprising – ending. Great flash fic!

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