Gratitude Should Be A Daily Practice Beyond A Holiday

Gratitude Should Be A Daily Practice Beyond A Holiday

While I love Thanksgiving, and what is not to love about a holiday that centers around gratitude, family and great food, I do think that sometimes we use it as an excuse to not be as kind, as grateful and as considerate throughout the day. We are only reminded that people are in need, when the food drives ask for our donations in increasing numbers, and the sad commercials and stories pull at our heart strings and our guilt.

But I believe that gratitude – as well as the practice of giving – should be a daily practice. It should be a part of who we are, to help others, and appreciate those who have helped us. Many of us have so many privileges, from warm, cozy places to call our homes, to our plates filled with food, and that every day. Even if we struggle from paycheck to paycheck, remember that you can be grateful that you have a paycheck to complain about in the first place.

I make gratitude a part of my every day. Not just by incorporating it in the morning hours, but by making it an ingrained activity throughout the day. I am grateful when I pay bills, while I am walking my dogs while homeschooling my children. I urge you to live and model a life lived in gratitude.

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Because I love this practice, and want to foster it even within my blogging time, I participate in blog hops and link ups, that feature positive living and gratitude. You can join these bloggers and me every Friday, by leaving your comments to share what you are grateful for this week.

This week I am grateful that we have a friend in the family who is going to help my daughter create the “perfect” gaming computer for her needs. I love when people have extra skills that they share with others, and this young man is a fine example of that.

I am also grateful that I live in a country where I am allowed to homeschool. As I am originally from Germany, where it is illegal to homeschool, I am very much appreciative of that fact. While this may not the perfect educational option for everyone, it is for us, and with tools like those provided by Educents, it is actually pretty easy to get high-quality educational programs. I know that is what my family was most worried about, originally, but after seeing how both of our kids thrived on these and other tools we use, they changed their mind rather quickly, no longer worrying about our decision. Thank you Educents!

I am grateful for the movie I watched this week – surprisingly, I found time to watch Creed, despite having a truly busy schedule. My husband and I loved it! If you have not watched Creed yet, you truly should, because you are missing out. I am grateful for filmmakers, actors and all of the other people who participate in creating these wonderful movies for us!

Now it is your turn, what are you grateful for this week? If you have a blog and want to join in, you can connect with the following blog hops:


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