Friday Flash – Impulse


Flash Friday Prompt

“Madame! One more pitcher of wine please!”
“Since when have you become a wine drinker, Sam. I thought beer was your thing.”
“Since I know we are going into this damn war. You know we ain’t coming back, so it’s bucket list time.”
“You and you’re stupid bucket list,” Andrew shook his head.
“Hey I got more stuff done this week then I got done for the last 32 years. Only got four things left on that paper, and I am planning on finishing it. Mademoiselle!”
The young, pretty and fast waitress walked over to them, her cleavage enticing the patrons, flirting with them, the tips flowing from the pockets of the US Army personnel as fast as the little notes with phone numbers. She bend over toward him, giving Sam the full on view of her firm breasts.
He took the change.
Squeezing – hard.
Squealing she smacked him, and ran off.
The three other enlisted men around the table busted out laughing.
“What in the hell was that?”
“Number 3 on the list.”, Sam grinned.
He felt another smack on the back of his head, only to look into the dark blue eyes of his Commander. His female Commander.
“Alright stupid. Time to go. All of you. Fun’s over. Time for killing has begun. “

© Claudia H. Blanton 2014

This flash fiction was based on a writing prompt at Friday Flash (the word “war” and the above picture) as well as the Daily Prompt for today “Impulse”.


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23 thoughts on “Friday Flash – Impulse

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  2. I guess they had to have some fun before facing the reality of war. Nicely painted picture.

    btw I think I spotted a typo for you “She bend over toward him,” Should that be bent? and “The three other enlisted men around the table busted out laughing.” Did you mean burst out?

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