Friday Finds, Favorites and Fill-Ins # 2 – Water Break Edition

Hi, Everyone!

Welcome to another week of Friday Finds, Favorites And Fill-Ins!  If you’re new here, check out the info about this blog hop, and the rules at the end of this post.

We have another water break, yay! Not yay, of course, but the entire complex is currently without water, which is fun. I did prepare, however, and have bowls of water standing by, just in case someone needs some. One of my cats, Charlie, loves to spill the dog and cat water bowls, that are spread out all over the house, so I have to make sure that everyone has enough to drink, should he decide to take part in his favorite past time

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Yesterday, I finished answering 30 Questions for the BlogFest blog hop, and hopefully today, I will find some time to check out everyone else’s posts. You can still participate in that blog hop as well – which was fun because the questions were truly neat – by checking out this blog post. It was absolutely one of my favorite things to write about this week.

This week’s favorites, of course, includes a book. My favorite book of the week is Moonlight by Lisa Kessler, which surprised me in many ways. I had to throw out a few ideas about what type of books I like, because despite fitting in all of the categories of “I don’t like this”, I ended up loving it. Read my entire review here.

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My third favorite is water. I want mine back – I know, I sound like a two-year-old right now.  Until it is back on, maybe telling my Echo Dot  to play some rain sounds will make me feel better? Or maybe that will summon some actual rain. We could really use some over here. Oh, the joy of living in the dessert!


Here are this week’s fill-in sentences, hosted by the dear McGuffey Reader:



My inner child_____________________.

My favorite month is ________________.

My favorite commercial is                      ,because                                .

Personally, I don’t care for                                    .


Here are my answers:

My inner child is laughing at this sentence. I am not sure I have an inner child, but I sure as heck have an inner weirdness that I fully embrace.

My favorite month is October. I love Fall, and around that time it is still warm enough to enjoy outdoors without bundling up like an Eskimo. Works for me.


My favorite commercial is not really my favorite, but the only one that I can think of right now, because I hardly watch any TV on TV, lol. It is the one that says Puppy Monkey Baby on repeat, and if I hear that, I will repeat that sentence for hours in my head, and sometimes out loud. See also the answer to the first question as a reference to my weirdness.

Personally, I don’t care for blue cheese. Actually, I can honestly say I hate it. It’s just awful, lol.


I am looking forward to your answers and favorites. This shall be a good one this week, considering how goofy the questions are. I love goofy!

Leave your links to your favorite posts of any kind below, and please remember the rules:

  1. Family friendly posts only

  2. Comment on at least two other posts participating, to spread the love.

  3. Link back to this blog.

Have fun!



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