Friday Finds and Favorites Blog Hop # 67 And Fill-Ins – Alexa Edition

Hi, everyone!

This heat wave has surely limited our outdoor time over the last week. Are you affected by the heat wave as well? From what I have heard, it is not limited to the US, so wherever in the world you are, I hope you stay safe and cool.

Due to the need to stay indoors, I have spent most of my time either working or discovering new awesome stuff that can make all of our lives a little easier and streamlined.  I began my week by discovering the Amazon Dash Wand, which is Alexa enabled, and an absolute great shopping tool. ( I even wrote a blog post about it) In fact, I liked it so much, that I started researching more Alexa products, and messed around for the first time with the Alexa option on my Kindle Fire HD.

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I have no idea, why I just ignored that function until now, but I guess it felt a little weird talking to an object. While I liked that experience, I found it limiting, considering how much more this voice-controlled service can actually do, so that I decided – out of the spur of the moment – to purchase an Echo Dot. (Did you know that you can now buy Amazon tech products on a payment plan without any interest? I love that!)

A quick note on the Echo Dot: I love it! Okay, don’t ask it to tell you a joke – those are horrible, actually, they are so bad, that the whole concept of how bad they are is funny to me, which made me laugh – okay, I am weird, I know. But I have been using it to play meditation music, letting it read me

But I have been using it to play meditation music, telling it read me  affirmations throughout the day,  connected it to my Fitbit Charge 2, told it to create and keep my shopping lists, and many more awesome things, that I will share with you on a review that I have scheduled for Wednesday, here on Avalon-Media.   So you can see why the Echo Dot and all of the other Alexa connected devices are my Friday Favorites, so much so, that I am going to buy me an Alexa controlled coffee machine in the near future. I need a new one anyway.

Now to my favorite book of the week. I started reading The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins (no relation to Tony Robbins, but just as powerful as a speaker and Author), which is a very transformational book. But, because I have not completely finished it yet, I am going to let a Youtuber Joshua Youpa gives you a quick, detailed summary of the book:

If you are looking for a book that might actually change your life – and has already improved mine, after reading half of it – get yourself a copy on Amazon!   

Now, let’s have some fun, and focus on the Friendly Fill-Ins, brought to us by McGuffey Reader!

This weeks fill-in sentences are: 


A recurring dream I have is ________________.

         Turn ______________ into ____________.

                           is driving me crazy!

Lately, I have been                       .


Here are my answers:


A recurring dream I have is – well, I don’t have any of them at the moment. I used to have some pretty disturbing dreams during my teenage years, and early adulthood, which is exactly why I decided to certify myself as a dream consultant. After experiencing how debilitating dreams can be, especially when they repeat themselves, and you have no idea why I wanted to help others to find the peace of knowing more about them too.

Turn failures and fears into opportunities! That is a motto I try to live by.

This heat wave is driving me crazy! Walking the dogs is not a lot of fun for them or for me at the moment, and we even had some short power outages.

Lately, I have been eating a lot more ice cream than I usually do. I even got some dog ice cream.


I am looking forward to reading your awesome answers to the questions of this week.

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Have a great weekend!


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6 thoughts on “Friday Finds and Favorites Blog Hop # 67 And Fill-Ins – Alexa Edition

  1. That book sounds great, I hope my library has it. Thank you for these great fill-in answers. That is so interesting and cool that you are a dream consultant. The heat is driving everyone crazy 🙂 How sweet of you to get the dog ice cream too. Have a nice weekend!

    1. I hope so too. Thankfully, it has gotten a little better over the last week, so we got some relief – if you can call 105 degrees relief, but hey, I take it. Blessings!

  2. We give Stella & Kenzie “Doggie Ice Cream”, too. It is a rare treat, but they do like it!

    Your answers are all good and very inspiring. I think dreams are fascinating, too. I am not certified, but I do think they mean something. Do you do anything with your dream expertise?

    thanks for joining us! Hugs.

    1. Hugs right back at you. I would not overdue the dog ice cream thing either, but in this heat, I will share any relief I can give them. To answer your question, yes, I do take on clients, and interpret their dreams for them. If you are interested, you can drop me a line at

      Many blessings to you


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