Friday Finds And Favorites # 59

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This week I am not only going to share my favorites, but I am starting to co-host a really awesome blog hop together with the wonderful Anna from Living The Leviner Life. We are still looking for more co-hosts, so if you are interested leave me a comment below, or at Anna’s blog for more info.I will still be participating in the

I will still be participating in the Friendly Fill-Ins (how could I miss all of the wonderful people participating in that blog hop, and the interesting fill in’s provided by McGuffy’s Reader).


And if you are wondering why I am a little late posting today, I am having house problems! Apparently, a pipe busted under our master bedroom floor, leading from the hot water heater to – well wherever that darn pipe is going in the house so that we have hot water. A crew is going to have to tear out our new carpet, and fix the pipes below us – ugh, this is going to be one huge mess. Wish me luck!


My Friday Find:

I love coconut, and I love energy bars. So when I saw that Whole Foods had a Healthy Warrior Coconut Chia Bar, I had to try it. It is vegan, which makes it easy for my daughter to enjoy too. The only problem with the bar is that it is addicting! If you don’t have a Whole Foods in your area, you can also get them on Amazon.

health bar, healthy eating, healthy food



My favorites for this week:

  1. Books: My favorite book of the week is a non-fiction book, called The Key To Making Money on Craigslist by Steven Fies. I never thought about using Craigslist as a business model, but Steven shows that it is possible. Very interesting, if you want to find out-of-the-ordinary ways to make extra money. Read my review on my book blog for more info
  2. Instacart: Instacart is finally available in Las Vegas, and I am planning on using it to get almost all of my groceries delivered on a regular We did a trial run yesterday, and our personal shoppers did really well. Later on this week, I am going to write a longer post about the benefits of Instacart, and why I have my groceries delivered. Hint: They deliver Whole Foods groceries!
  3. Warm weather – or at least warmer weather than in Utah, where my husband is currently on a business trip. He is picking up our new truck (I am talking big truck as in tractor-trailer) today, and he just called me to tell me about the snow crystals hitting his window. I am sitting here on my computer, a few feet away from one of our community pools, and actually watched kids play in it yesterday. The water is still a little too cool for me – it has not hit the 100’s yet, so I am freezing (lol), but at least it is T-shirt weather. Crazy to think that it is still snowing not that incredibly far away.

Let’s move on to warm thoughts and friendly fill-ins!

This week we were asked to fill in the following sentences:

  1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is ____________________.
  2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say __________________.


  1. I have a hard time                             .


  1. I really enjoy                              .


Here are my answers:

  1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is, well, actually none right now. Most of the books that I had the chance to read lately are better left alone as books.
  2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say: Be kind to everyone you meet. You never know how much a kind word, gesture, or a smile can make the difference in someone’s life. Heck, it can even save someone’s life.
  3. I have a hard time breathing – still. I am not sure why I am still having problems, but the Doctors are trying to find out what kind of damage the severe flu I had a few weeks ago did to my lungs. I wish I could do some more exercises besides walking, but I have a coughing fit as soon as I push myself too hard. No fun. And we have such a nice community gym, which was one of the many things that sold me on living here. Oh, and our tennis court. Can’t use either of them right now.
  4. I really enjoy juicing. I don’t think I want to go another day without having at least 2 glasses of homemade juice. Apparently, my kids agree, because it seems like I am constantly cleaning that darn juicer. We make everything from carrot juice to mixed fruit juices, to other vegetable juices. Whatever we feel like at the moment, and have in the house. How in the world I made it past 40 without a juicer, I am not sure, lol.

Now it is your turn to answer the questions. Make sure that you will join in the McGuffy Reader’s blog hop, by answering the questions, and also link up to our Friday Finds And Favorites Blog Hop!


P.S. Due to some technical difficulties, please sign up for the Friday Finds And Favorites Blog Hop at Anna’s blog.





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2 thoughts on “Friday Finds And Favorites # 59

  1. I hope everything goes well with the repair and clean up!
    Those bars sound great!

    The Friday Fill in’s looks fun. I’ll have to check it out for next week. 🙂

    1. thankfully, it is all fixed now – it is so nice to be able to back into the bedroom and not see chaos. Blessings!

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