Friday Favorites -Music, Romance, And Food

Welcome back to Friday Favorites, where I not only share my favorite posts, I found from around the web,
but also talk about gratitude, and connect with the wonderful people on Friendly Fill-Ins.

This week’s Friday Favorites:

1. Food

Healthy Breakfast is what I struggle with the most – I am simply too tired in the morning to cook myself anything, and I am usually grabbing for something sweet. Now, I love meal prep-videos, and this awesome video will show you like it has shown me, how to meal-prep a healthy and tasty breakfast

2. Books

My favorite book I read this week is It’s In His Arms by Shelley Alexander. You can read my review of this romance novel here.

3. Music

I am going through a Pentatonix face, and because they are nominated for a Grammy – in the Country Music category, of all weird things – I am going to share with you this non-country song called Love Again

4. Movies

I am an X-Men fan, so I am looking forward to this newest movie in that Franchise called “Logan”. Check it out:

I am increasingly grateful to have run into Pentatonix over the last few weeks (yes, I know, I must have
been living under a rock to have not heard of them before), but I just adore Kirstin, Scott, Mitch, Kevin, and Avi.
I am always grateful for musicians that inspire me to take my creativity to the next level and to think outside of the

If you really want to see something funny, you should check out Scott and Mitch’s channel Superfruit – I am addicted!

Friendly Fill-Ins

This week’s friendly fill in – as always hosted by the wonderful people at McGuffy’s Reader has us finishing the following sentence.

  1. I have seen _______________________ on Broadway.
  2. My Chinese zodiac sign is ___________________.
  1. Celebrities                           .
  1.                             day is                          .

My answers are:

  1. I have seen nothing on Broadway so far. Which is a shame. The list of what I would love to watch is long, some of them I wish I had a chance to see when they were running. I love the stage. I grew up performing on various theater stages during my childhood in Germany. Our high-school principle was also the musical director of the city I grew up, which meant being a part of his performance team meant we got to perform in all kinds of venues, otherwise not possible.
  2. My Chinese zodiac sign is the Rat. It has characteristics of an animal with spirit, wit, alertness, delicacy, flexibility and vitality. Combine this with my fiery Scorpio sign, and you can see why my life is never boring.
  3. Celebrities are people too. They want the same thing we do, and while I can see the allure of wanting to be known for something you do for a living, I can see the downsides of that as well. Some of those downsides are scary.
  4. A good day is a day, where I can spend some time reading, some time with my kids, some time with good food, and a dash of good music (see above for what I would be listening to).

Now, I am looking forward to reading your answers to this week’s Friendly Fill-Ins.

Have an awesome weekend!


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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites -Music, Romance, And Food

  1. I’ve never seen anything on Broadway either. Our daughters are into theatre and love it. We love to watch them perform. They’ve performed in many plays separately and several plays together. One of their performances had me leaving the theater in tears. In that play, the character had lost her father. I had lost mine just a week before this performance. It was very difficult to watch.

    Your #4 sounds like a good day to me, too. 🙂

    Have a blessed week.

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