Friday Favorites, Gratitude And Fill-Ins Week # 4

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Hi, everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful week. I am happy to say that I had a relatively stress-free one, which is always good. I am grateful that I was able to attend some online classes, I absolutely enjoyed, and learned a lot from. My favorite one was hosted by Tim Ferriss, the Author of Tools of Titans via Creative Life. I am always amazed at the bits of wisdom I catch when I am reading, or listening to something curated by him.

This week’s Friday Favorites include the following:

  1. Books: Gone by Elisabeth Naughton. This book describes the worst nightmare a parent can have: Your young child is missing. A terrifyingly suspenseful book. You can read my detailed review on the book here.
  2. Television: Chicago Med. I have been trying to catch up with episodes because I simply don’t have the time to sit down when the show airs. Thanks to Hulu, I have been able to do that, a little bit a time. If you love medical dramas without too much soap opera antics, Chicago Med is it. I have been hooked on medical dramas for a long time now.
  3. Music: Blue October: Coal Makes Diamonds. I have been a Blue October fan for a long time now – before he got his act together and got sober, which has been a while now. Very talented, sometimes very dark, sometimes very uplifting, but always raw and emotional.


Because it is Friday, I also am participating again in the Friendly Fill In’s from McGuffy Reader. This week we are asked to fill in the following sentences:

  1. I wish _____________________________ would come back in style.
  2. I always have _____________________ in my purse (or wallet for men).
  3. I think that I _____________________________________.
  4. ____________________________is a pet peeve of mine.

Here are my answers:

  1. I wish stuff would stop coming back into style. Some of the things I have seen that are coming back should stay were the were – in the past. Let’s come up with some new ideas, we can laugh at later
  2. I always have my kindle in my purse. I love to read, and am never far away from a book or an e-reader. Isn’t it cool that we can now carry a ton of books with us, without having to actually carry the darn things around? I used to carry two to three books with me everywhere I went. Not exactly practical.
  3. I think that I am getting stronger every day as I am constantly improving myself.
  4. Impulsiveness, especially when it relates to business is a pet peeve of mine. My husband gets too easily impressed and reacts from impulse, rather than rational thinking. I hate that, especially when it comes to business. It is easy to get sucked into something that does not work out right that way.


Question: What have you accomplished this week that you are proud of? I love hearing and cheering people’s victories, so please share your achievements in the comment section below. Let’s celebrate our victories!




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1 thought on “Friday Favorites, Gratitude And Fill-Ins Week # 4

  1. It’s great you found an online class you enjoyed. I’ve taken a bunch and attended online conferences that taught me so much. What did we do before the internet? I’m hooked on medical dramas too! Love them! Have a great weekend!

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