Friday Favorites, Gratitude And Fill-Ins # 6

Friday Favorites, Gratitude And Fill-Ins # 6

I am sitting here in Las Vegas, enjoying the warm weather, and hoping that you all had a wonderful week. It is pretty quiet around here today, which is not usual, but I am nevertheless grateful for the break in noise level. Everyone else is doing their own thing, and even the dogs are taking a nap after a long walk. Nice!

This week was filled with plenty of moving and business activities so that I did not have much time to surf the web for pure pleasure, but I will manage to run into a few very interesting tidbits I want to share with you today

    1. Music: Pentatonix just released their cover of Imagine by John Lennon, and it is powerful and beautiful. I love the simplicity of the video, as well as the strong message that it brings with it – equality, inclusivity, honoring our diversity, and our common ground. Beautifully done. Check it out!

  1. Books: I read and reviewed a new cookbook by Sonnet Lamberth, which I adore called “Zoodles”, and it is about spiralizing, which is absolutely amazing. But what is different about this book is that it does not just feature raw or vegan dishes, but that it is very diverse in flavor and usage. I loved it so much I gave it a 5 Star Review – read more about it here
  2. Travel: I have traveled all over Europe and the United States, but I have not yet had a chance to travel to the Middle East. Despite the tension in the region, I found this article by Fancy District inspiring enough to consider putting a trip like that on my bucket list. Check it out, it might inspire you to travel a little bit out of your normal comfort zone as well.


This week, the Friendly Fill-Ins give us another opportunity to share insights into our daily lives and routine with our readers. The sentences to be completed are as follows:


  1. I hope _____________________________ gets renewed for another season.2. My first crush was ____________________________________.
  1.                           usually, makes me                          .
  1. If I were a super-hero, I would be                                      .


  1. I hope that any of the Chicago “Something” (Med, P.D., and Fire) get renewed for another season. I really like all of them, and even if I usually have to catch up, weeks after they originally air, I would not want to miss them. Great acting, very raw at times, really beautifully written and acted.
  2. My first crush was a person who’s name I don’t remember, but I do remember that he was really cute and really nice. Well, I was eleven, and he was way too old (maybe 16?), when he stayed with my Aunt and Uncle for a summer. I have never seen him since. I have no idea what happened to him. That was a long time ago, lol.
  3. A good book usually, makes me forget time. If I get lost in a book, I do not realize how much time has passed, and when I look up it is one, two hours later, and I am starving. I love that kind of books. Have you noticed that I really love to read?
  4. If I were a super-hero, I would be Iron Man – well I guess Iron Woman. It would be nice to be a billionaire genius. It would be nice to be a genius, period. Being smart is my favorite superpower. I would build a tech empire and make it run on autopilot so that I can spend my time and money helping others. That would be cool. Then there is reality.

I am looking forward to hearing your answers to this week’s fill-ins. Don’t forget to stop by the host of this awesome weekly link up, and give her some love!




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