Friday Favorites, Gratitude And Fill Ins

Hi, Everyone!

What an awesome week this has been! Boring? Apparently, I don’t do boring – well, with the kids, the pets and the husband I have, boring is out of the question. And Las Vegas is of course, everything but boring. Why otherwise would so many people travel over here for a vacation?

This week I wanted to start something new for Fridays, and while I am still participating in the weekly gratitude
and Friendly fill-ins, I am going to highlight some of my favorites I have come across the last week. So lets get started

Favorite New Planner Youtuber

BuJo Boosted is such an uplifting Bullet Journal Youtuber, that I just had to share him with you all!

Favorite Book

Summon The Queen by Jodi McIsaac

Favorite Interior Design Post I Read This Week

This house tour is a stunning example of a wonderful use of neutral colors, without anything looking bland. Via 

I am grateful for all of the beautiful bloggers and youtubers out there, who inspire me each week!

What I am particularily grateful for today, is that I have come across a few people who are willing to go beyond their regular duty to help others. One particular gentleman assisted me with some issues I had with my mothers Estate, which is difficult to work through, considering that I am here in the US, and my mother’s legacy is in Germany. Working with offices and agencies while residing in a different continent is slow, and painstaking, as you might be able to imagine.
This one person however has been assisting me in getting further in many instances, giving me contact information, sending letters and emails in my behalf, as well as inquiries, without getting any monetary compensation. He just wants to help and is always one email away if I have any issues. So, I am grateful for him, and people like him, who go the extra mile, to help others.

Today’s Friendly Fill-Ins ask us the to finish the following sentences:  

1. _____________ makes me feel old
2. _____________ makes me feel young
3. I have __________________________
4. ________________is_______________

These are my answers: 

1. I can’t think of anything that makes me feel old right now. I don’t feel old. There are some other people I know who are younger than me, that act old. They make me shake my head.

2. Keeping up with is going on in the world, makes me feel young. I am current with my tastes, I keep up with technology, as well as trends and I keep busy. What makes me also feel young is the fact that most women in my family lived well into their 90’s. So I have a very long live ahead of me. I have no choice but to keep up.

3. I have to spend some time shopping today, specifically for cleaning supplies. If it would not be raining, I would be actually looking forward to it. But cold and rain are not a fun mix.

4. My TBR list of books is huge this week. That is not a complaint, actually, it is a happy fact. Let’s hope they are all as good as last week’s TBR list.

I am looking forward to reading all of your fill-ins and gratitude posts this week.



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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Gratitude And Fill Ins

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers, Age is really just a number, as long as you keep your mind and body active, you stay young. I like the interior photo, that is beautiful home. Have a great weekend! I hope you will join the fill-ins every week.

  2. It’s so great that you found a good person to help you with all the inheritance red tape. I hope you can solve the problems soon. I really like the cover of the book you chose, and the living room is quite lovely too. Have a great weekend!

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