Friday Favorites, Finds And Fill-Ins # 4 – Productivity Edition

Friday Favorites, Finds And Fill-Ins # 4 - Productivity Edition
Hi, Everyone!
Starting this week, this link up will be happening on a much more regular basis. Anna, Camille and I are working hard backstage to make this link up a productive and constant series, and I hope that you will join us every week, on our respected blogs.
As some of you know from my previous posts this week, it is productivity month, and I am participating in two challenges that are hosted by Boho Berry’s Kara Benz – one about Planning, and the other about productivity. Because of that, I am including her in my this week’s favorites – you can find her at (enter website name), and on Instagram as @BohoBerry.
Another favorite this week is, of course, a book. Writing As A Path To Awakening by Albert Flynn DeSilver is not a typical writing book, but more a project for creative people and writers, that – if you allow it to – can transform you. It is meant to be worked through in the span of a year and is in my opinion simply awesome. If you want to read my entire, more detailed review, you can check out my book blog.
This week’s fill in sentences are as always thought-provoking. They are as follows:

1. Blind dates ________________________.

2. _____________ years ago, I ______________________.

3. I admire                         because                             .
4.                         makes me think                              .
Here are my answers:
1. Blind dates are not something I would take a part off if I was not married. And because I am married, I am obviously not taking part of them, lol. I am not sure, I would suggest this type of dating to anyone though. I am always worried about the safety of anyone who goes on a date with someone they truly have no knowledge about. Especially women should be careful with this type of dating and always have an exit strategy.
2. Many years ago, I still thought that the person who says he loves me would do anything that he could do to support my ambitions. I was wrong. But we all are wrong some of the time. One of those days, I will be able to share a lot more about this subject,  safely. But I am sadly not able to do that yet. I do have faith though that one day I will – I indeed have that.
3. I admire people who follow their dreams no matter what because following your dreams and goals takes guts, hustle, and a willingness to do whatever it takes.
4. This month makes me think of what I have not accomplished yet, and what I want to accomplish. It also makes me want to hustle because time is something we all don’t have enough off. I either make the best of it, or I let it control me. I think, getting in control of it, and all of the resources I have is a better idea. What do you think?
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