Friday Favorites, Fill-Ins And Being Grateful

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Welcome to my Friday Favorites, Fill-Ins And Being Grateful posts! I hope you had a wonderful week, just like I have, and are ready to dive into the business of the weekend.

My Friday Favorites: 

  1. Food – oh I am always looking for fast and easy ways to prep breakfast ahead of time. This is the meal I struggle with the most, always longing for something sweet, but the temptation of reaching for something non-healthy is large. I mean huge, lol. So I love this video from The Domestic Geek, who makes the most delicious breakfast parfaits, I have ever tasted. Check it out:



  2. Books: I am currently reading the book Shaken by Susan Hatler, which I am totally in love with. It is a Young Adult novel, which I usually do not read, but this one intrigues me, as it has a paranormal aspect, I find very interesting. It is available on Amazon, and I will write a complete review about this book, once I finished it on my book blog Within The Pages Of A Book
  3. Grammys: I am actually looking forward to the Grammy’s this year, because of a few things. First of all, there is a George Michael, and Prince tribute scheduled, but they are being very tight-lipped about it. I really want to see who is going to sing their songs. AND my favorite band Pentatonix is nominated for a Grammy. So far they won every Grammy they were nominated for, so I am looking forward to seeing them win.




Friendly Fill-Ins Week 40

This week’s Friendly Fill In’s gave us the following sentences to finish:

  1. My favorite kind of cookie is _________________________
  2. __________________would play me in a movie about my life
  3. Love is _____________________________________
  4. For Valentine’s Day, I _____________________________


  1. My favorite cookies are my Grandmother’s butter cookies. I  could eat those for days. I shouldn’t, but I could. And if you give me a pile of them, I probably would.
  2. No actress would play me in a movie because it would be one confusing movie. Trust me, I write scripts, and I would be embarrassed to hand that script to people. No coherent plot. Maybe in a few years, this will turn into a pretty good underdog story, and then you can ask me this question again.
  3. Love is trust. Without trust, there can not be love. I have had my trust broken too many times, to not value it above else. I love myself too much to not demand that my partner is someone whom I can trust.
  4. For Valentine’s Day, I am going to work. Doesn’t sound romantic I know, but I rather work. And read. Which is exactly my kind of day. Would not want to do anything else.


Get the Love With Food Gluten Free Box!
My gratitude list this week includes a continuation from last week. Finally, finally, after almost two years, my mother’s affairs are in order. Now everyone can move on with their lives. I am grateful that at the end everything went smooth.

I am also grateful for the shopping service we are using now. I will write about it more, but I have had the first Whole Foods delivery a couple of days ago, and that was awesome, even if the poor guy could not find a couple of items I wanted.

Speaking of shopping, I am also grateful to have finally found an organic veggie delivery service here in Las Vegas that does not cost an arm and a leg. As you can see, I like my stuff delivered to my home, I simply don’t like wasting my time shopping, and the closest grocery store lacks in the produce department. So instead of driving to a better store, I just have it brought to me. This company promises to deliver a large box of organic fruit and veggies once a week. I am going to write more about it, once I received my first order, which is supposed to be here next Friday.

Question: How do you save time shopping? Do you take advantage of personal shoppers or grocery delivery systems like Amazon Prime Now?







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6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Fill-Ins And Being Grateful

  1. What amazing looking parfaits! I really liked your answers to the fill-ins. Trust is crucial. A sense of humor helps too. I’ve never had supermarket food delivered although we have great ones that do. I live in a big, confusing development and few buildings have numbers on them (a quirk of Egypt). It’s excellent that you found good places that deliver. Have a great weekend!

    1. thank you, Lexa – yes, I could see how that could get confusing. I often get calls from delivery people trying to find our apartment, and everything is clearly marked, so I can understand how confused they would be, where you live. Many blessings!

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