Friday Favorite, Finds, And Fill-Ins # 5 – Getting It Together Edition

Friday Favorite, Finds, And Fill-Ins # 5 - Getting It Together Edition
Welcome to another edition of Friday Favorites, Finds, And Fill-Ins!
Like every week, I encourage you to share your current and favorite blog posts in the link up below. As always, this is a family friendly link up, but otherwise open to everyone. So if you have a giveaway, an awesome post, a review, or a rant you would like to share with us, feel free to do so.
Once we have reached more people participating, I will choose a couple of linked blog posts to feature every week – with the help of Anna and Camile of course. For those chosen, this will mean that you get those lovely backlinks that everyone is always looking for to improve your SEO. So the more you share with us, the more likely you will be featured. I only ask of you not to share any posts that you have already shared in the previous weeks.
Now off to tell you about my favorites for this week. I am going to start by talking about a book (of course). I just started reading “You Are A BadA@#$ – How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life” by Jen Sincero, and I am already loving it. This is a no-nonsense guide, as you can imagine by that title, that gives you a swift kick while keeping you entertained, and engaged. One of the best self-help books out there at the moment, and I read a lot of self-help books.
Another awesome thing that I have found this week is a Youtuber I mentioned in My Top 5 Favorite Organizing YouTubers post a couple of days ago, but she is worth mentioning again. If you like luxury, organization, productivity, and simply just like looking at the ultimate way of keeping a home, by the most organized person that I have ever seen, then you should watch At Home With Nikki (her main channel that focuses on home organization, and luxury), and then stop by her secondary channel At Work Wit Nikki, that is a must channel for home office organization, that is just absolutely beautiful.

This week’s fill-in questions had me think back toward my school time, which I have not done in a long time. Here are the fill-in questions, followed by my answers (make sure you stop by McGuffeyReader to add your own fill-in answers to the blog hop!)
1. If someone were visiting my area, I would recommend a visit to ___________.

2. My favorite room in my home is ______________.

3. Back-to-school time makes me think of                               .

4. My favorite year of school was                      ,because                       .
If someone were to visit my area, I would recommend a visit to some of the parks around here, so that they can experience how very big our homeless population is. Las Vegas might be all shining lights to some visitors, but the reality of some of the parts of this town is not glamorous at all. Las Vegas has a very dark side, a side of illegal prostitution, a lack of mental health facilities, and a large population, including kids that life either on the streets or in weekly rentals – always one step away from being homeless. This is especially prevalent in the area close to the strip. I am not saying that there are not decent or nice neighborhoods here in Las Vegas. I live in a relatively quiet apartment complex, that is lush and green (yes, in the middle of the desert), but I can’t forget the other parts of town, that are not so lucky.
My favorite room in my home is my office/dining room.  No matter how many times I have thought about setting up a permanent office in one of the bedrooms, I tend to gravitate back to the dining room, because it is – in the open floor plan home – the action is. From here, I can see the main areas of the house, am available to the kids, pets, and visitors, have the most space (I have a huge dining room table), and out of some weird reason have the most electrical outlets (don’t ask, I don’t know either). So I resigned, and put a couple of book cases and shelves in here, and made myself at home. And my trusty coffee machine is not too far away, lol. To give you an idea how large that space is, it also occupies my stair stepper and a large cat tower. I love it!
Back to school time makes me think of  Fall and the upcoming holiday season. From the end of August on,  the year seems to disappear on me way too quickly. But not that I mind the holiday season – yesterday, I started hanging up some Halloween decorations – to the amusement of my kids and my daughter’s boyfriend.
My favorite year of school was 5th grade because I wrote a couple of short sketches that we performed at school, and I was a part of the school choir, and we spent a lot of time performing in theaters, and conventions, and just about everywhere there was a music festival in our area. Our choir director was also our principal, but he was also the performing arts director for our small town, and our teachers were actually quite good musicians. It was fun to be on stage, with friends. Our English teacher, who was one of those musicians I was talking about would start every lesson by playing guitar and singing a song with us – in English of course (I grew up in Germany, so that was something special to us), and whoever had a birthday could make song requests. It still makes me smile to think back at that time.
Now add your own posts to this link up, and share with us your favorites of the week!

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3 thoughts on “Friday Favorite, Finds, And Fill-Ins # 5 – Getting It Together Edition

  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Although, the first one is quite sad, I had no idea there was so much homelessness there, especially with kids. That is fun that you already put up Halloween decorations. I would like to do that, but my hubby would have me committed 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Great post! I also read Jen Sincero’s book and found it full of good advice. Love the idea of a fill-in-the-blank theme. Back to school time makes me think of fresh starts and new opportunities. Kinda like New Year’s Day. Thanks for linking up this week and have a great weekend!

    Elizabeth |

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