Friday Attitude Of Gratitude – Week # 2

Friday Attitude Of Gratitude - Week # 2

Hi, everyone! Happy Friday!

I am always amazed how much better I feel if I begin my day, focusing on gratitude and positive thinking. It is my morning pick-me-up, which even if I am rushed, I try not to skip. If I have to shorten my morning routine, I might skip a workout, or drink a smoothie for breakfast instead of sitting down, but I try my hardest not to skip working on my gratitude journal.

Friday’s, as you most likely already know, are dedicated to that practice here on Avalon Media. I publically list, what I have been grateful for this week, and hope you find it encouraging to join me as well, and implement an attitude of gratitude into your daily routine.

This week I am grateful for:

Nutter butter cookies – I am seriously addicted to these things! Maybe I should not be that grateful for them, but hey, they are my little treat with my afternoon coffee.

I am grateful for cool breezes. It has been breezy and cooler here in Las Vegas, which I am cherishing because I know it is not going to last long. It made our daily dog walks so much nicer. Maybe, just maybe, we get a few more of these days? I can hope and dream!

My bullet journal – I am not sure what I would do without that thing! I am a list person (duh), so creating a checklist system that fits me, rather than using pre-done planners works so much better for me. While I have just begun to switch over to bullet journaling versus pre-done planner systems, i have been noticing how much more organized I feel.

Question: What are you grateful for this week?

I want to end this week with a new addition to the Friday Attitude of Gratitude and recap the week, just in case you missed any of my posts on my multiple blogs:

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Over at Miss Fiercely Independent, I posted 

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Over at my blog on Wealthy Affiliate I shared:

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Wow, this has been another busy week! I hope you find these articles useful!

Thank you for joining me here!

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2 thoughts on “Friday Attitude Of Gratitude – Week # 2

  1. I am grateful for ice and gatorade/powerade. This last week I have indulged several times even though this is not something I drink all year. It has been so refreshing and has helped keep me hydrated.
    I am most grateful for my relationship with God which refreshes my soul.
    I thank you for this reminder to be thankful. Writing a thankful journal sounds like a wonderful idea. I think I’ll try to start one today! 🙂

  2. My list of things I’m grateful for looks a lot like yours this week – but I don’t have any nutter butter cookies. 🙁 Well, at least there are positive thoughts, cool breezes, and slowly checking things off on my list. Thanks for posting for Celebrate and have a lovely weekend!

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