Embrace The Courage To Create

With NaNoWriMo fast approaching, many writers, and those who aspire to join the professional published ranks of that profession are planning, and fevering away. Some of you might already have an outline or at least a pretty detailed idea what you will write about, while others – like I have in the past – are afraid to approach the blank page that is placed in front of them, waiting to be filled with witty dialogue and interesting characters.

This is not just the case in the framework of the Nanowrimo, or only experienced by writers, but also by bloggers, content marketers, business people and artists, who have to step toward that scary empty space of either paper or computer screen that is meant to be filled, but does not seem to fill itself.

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Often times, before we begin the process of creation, we approach the process with fear and tread, wondering how we would ever fill up that empty space in front of us, and if what we are setting out to create will be worthwhile.

Yet, we have to find the courage to create, to overcome the first hurdle of fear, and put ourselves out there. Pushing aside the thought of what quality will appear in front of us, and the simple act of writing and creating something can be scary but must be done. Many stop at this stage, staring at the blank page, quitting before they even get started, by allowing their own self-doubts to hinder them from creating anything.

By giving yourself the permission to do two things – to make a really bad first creation (whether that is in writing or via another art form), and to laugh at your own mistakes, to embrace them as a funny way to learn from failing – gives you a chance to push past the fear.

It is no accident that Authors often speak of the first draft as the “vomit draft”, but unlike those of us, who are still stuck in the pre-action stage, they have embraced the courage to stare that the blank page and fill it whatever came to mind.

It does not matter, if you are planning on participating in the upcoming month-long writing challenge, or are struggling to create that piece of art today, give yourself the push to fill that space in front of you, without reservation.

That moment of sitting down in front of that abyss, the blankness of the not-begun work takes courage, and that courage makes you an artist and a creator. You are not defined by how many people have seen your art, or how many people have read your books, or even like them. The simple willingness to put yourself, your heart and soul out there to be seen, even if only by you, manifesting something of substance, of value, is what gives you the permission to be and to call yourself an artist or a writer.

It is a light realized.

Embrace it.

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14 thoughts on “Embrace The Courage To Create

  1. I am a creative writer, but my sister got the art gene from my mom, so sometimes I am jealous of her. She makes gorgeous paintings and I can barely draw stick figures.

  2. I have first hand experience with struggling finding my creativity and have learned how it isn’t always the first idea that pops in your head that’s the best. It’s laying out all your ideas in front of you and using critical thinking to develop the best option. Creativity is one of the hardest things to harness but the most rewarding when it’s over and done right.

  3. Finding and keeping creativity is so hard sometimes. there are times when i have millions of ideas and some time when I have none. But it’s so rewarding when I do.

  4. The very purpose of creating is to express ourselves and to allow ourselves to make a mistake and try again until we’re happy with what we’ve made. I think it’s really important that we keep in mind that we can’t perfect it during our first try, at least not every time. It allows us to grow and try new things!

  5. I struggle with my creativity because I cannot seem to find what I want in the time I want it in! I look for inspiration and that seems to be what drives my creativity these days.

  6. So so true. Sometimes you have to create something awful to get to the good stuff. I remember reading some poetry I wrote in high school and college. At the time I thought it was good but looking back now, not so much.

  7. I’m creative but for years didn’t pursue my talents and instead tucked them away. I’m currently thriving and loving my career choices that have enabled me to write and share content.

  8. I think I struggle with creativity because I feel very creative but getting that out is hard! I am not musical and my artistry is atrocious so I think I do it best with writing!

  9. My first draft is always a joke. It’s more of a mix of random, unorganized thoughts which only make sense to me. It takes a lot of massaging and editing to create a final product and oftentimes it’s never the idea I started out with. The idea seems to organically evolve into something entirely different as I write, but you’re right that process can be scary but fruitful if you embrace it.

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