Detox Your Body – What You Should Consider When Doing A Master Cleanse

Detox Your Body

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Detoxing your body is an often overlooked, but very important step to creating and maintaining a balanced, healthy life. It is not just for weight-loss, but rather a tool to create the best possible physical and mental state you can be in.

In order to have an effective detox experience, there are some aspects that you should consider, especially if you have
never done a detox before.

The Master Cleanse eBookToday, I am going to talk to you about

  • why you should consider detoxing
  • what types of detoxes  are there
  • what foods you should avoid
  • how often you should do a master cleanse


Why Should You Detox?

Detoxing is particularly important in the modern world, since environmental pollutants,  toxins, and other elements can quickly build up to toxic levels in your body and cause ill health and  a variety of mental and physical consequences. These serious consequences include  such things as weakened immune system to fatigue to the feeling of depression. This also leads to increased allergies, skin problems, weakened thyroid and more!

What types of detoxes are there?

There are a variety of safe ways to detox. While I prefer the Master Cleanse method, and an occasional tea detox,
the other options are also effective.

Water or juice fasting
Colon cleaning with oral laxatives
Colon cleansing with enemas
Sauna Therapy
Master Cleanse
Tea Detox

What foods should you avoid?

The Master Cleanse Diet - eBookThis list is a list of foods that should be reduced at any time during the year but completely eliminated during any cleanse or fast. While this might not be easy, especially when we are so used to an over-processed, fast food directed diet, the health benefits outweigh the discomfort of adjusting to a new way of life.

Avoid the following:


Red meat, chicken, turkey and other poultry
Processed meat products, such as sausages and pate
Milk, cream, cheese and other dairy products
Eggs, butter and margarine
Snacks like potato chips
Salted nuts
Chocolate and sweets
Sugar, particularly refined sugar
Jams and jellies
Alcohol, tea, coffee and soft drinks
Store bought salad dressings


How Often Should You Do A Master Cleanse
I do not recommend doing an intense cleanse such as the Master Cleanse, more than twice a year. Short detox
methods, like a three-day tea fast, are okay, if you have been feeling under the weather, throughout the year
but it is better to utilize the power of a Master Cleanse semi-annually and support your body with healthy
clean foods throughout the year.


Armed with this information you are ready to step into the Master Cleanse and get your eBook right now by clicking here I wish you the best of health and wellbeing!

(Disclaimer: This post is not meant to treat any ailment or diseases. Please consult your health care professional for
additional information. This post is intended for educational purposes only).

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3 thoughts on “Detox Your Body – What You Should Consider When Doing A Master Cleanse

  1. I learned a lot about cleansing your body that I didn’t know before reading this. I’m very aware of detox teas but its nice to know that there are other ways to detox your body besides it and thank you so much for including foods that we should avoid because that’s a problem I have when detoxing not being able to figure out if this or that is healthy.

  2. Thank you for this great post! I came across your website looking for information on body detox. I have never done one and I think I can start with the Master cleanse.
    Once I tried the tea diet but I felt horrible by the end of the first day. My blood pressure was very low, I started having a headache and I was super tired. I think if I would be home for three days doing nothing but drinking tea I can make it:) But busy life would make it harder. What do you think?

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