Dear Dads – We Honor The Impact You Have


Dear Dads - We Honor The Impact You Have

On this fathers day, I want to dedicate this space to Fathers. I want to serve you as a reminder of the impact you
all have on your children’s live, your family’s live. Just maybe not like you would expect.

Dear Dad’s, mind your jokes. What might seem funny to you, might hurt, deeply hurt your teenage daughter, and teaches your son how to treat women.

Dear Dad’s, mind your responses. What might seem like an innocent comment about your wife’s habits, might cut her deeper than a knife would, and forever forge they your daughter looks at men.

Dear Dad’s, mind your anger. What you consider a just reaction to what you see is wrong, might be emotional abuse in reality.

Dear Dad’s, mind your power. What you consider managing your household, might be financial abuse, and disable your family to stand on their own, when you are no longer there.

Dear Dad’s – On this Father’s Day, we honor the impact you have, and the legacy you leave behind. Which impact you will have on your family, and what legacy you will leave for your children’s future, is completely up to you.

Choose wisely


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