Dare To Dream Big


Do You Dare To Dream Big-


Do you dare to dream big? Are your goals set so high, that they scare you at times? Or are you someone who lives with the thought that one should not dare to reach that far, that those big dreams are not for you.

Life is too short to wait for chances to find you,  – forge your own way. I have no time for small dreams, that do not inspire, rather I dream big, and if I fall short of some of them, I still have  come a heck of a lot further than someone who dreamed small.

Do you dream big? Do you take actions toward goals that inspire you, motivate you, make you think of possibilities? And (more importantly), do you have a reason to follow through on them, something that propels you to take actions every single day?


Mine are simple:

I want to live my dreams to inspire my children to live theirs. If I can achieve what I want, they at least will see that there is a possibility for them to achieve their own, and forge their own way. Remember, we need more people on fire in this world, not more people who wait for things to happen to them.

Today, I challenge you to dream big, to create a list of at least 5 dreams that are so substantial that they scare you. Put them in your journal, or share them right here in the comment section.

Dare to dream big!



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