Creating Change Through Peaceful Protest

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As I am trying to make sense out of the news I hear every day, I am reminded that we can not fight hate by acting hatefully. It is important for me to point out, that mindfulness does not mean, that we stand by, and allow people to trample the rights of others, but to be conscious of our emotional reactions to what is going on at the present moment. By keeping our emotions in check, we are able to protest peacefully in various ways, and by bringing kindness toward those who might feel marginalized.

Here are few mindful, and kind ways you can use your voice to stand up against the destructive choices the current US administration is bringing forward:

1. Donate to the ACLU
Here is a direct link to put your money where your mouth is

2. Use your social media, or website platforms to show your solidarity toward refugees, immigrants, and anyone else’s rights that are threatened.

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3. Share information.
Many still believe the lies that are told by the administration, and sharing facts might make someone aware of true facts, not “Alternative Facts”.

4. Go out and participate in protests
Always be mindful of the people you might be disturbing with your protest. Respect property and personal space.

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5. Support protesters by handing out water, snacks, or other supportive items.

6. Be aware of what you share with your children.
That is a tricky one. Being aware of your emotions, and keeping them in check while this turmoil is going on, is essential to keep a stable environment, and reduce potential fears. It is not wise to keep older children out of the loop, and it is also a potential positive opportunity to teach them about standing up for the rights of others, even if they are not directly affected.

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12 thoughts on “Creating Change Through Peaceful Protest

  1. I definitely agree, we need to share information, the correct information to best help and where possible donate! Every little helps!

  2. I love how you said “mindfulness does not mean, that we stand by, and allow people to trample the rights of others”. If we are not part of a solution, we are part of a problem.

    Ivelisse |

  3. Protesting doesn’t mean that you’re disrupting peace, which is why I love this post! It’s all about fighting for what you believe in without having to act violently.

  4. Peaceful protest is the best one! This is a great way to do it.There are so many things we can’t fight against but something needs to be done and get our voice heard and can’t think of better way than peaceful protes.

    1. I agree with you completely. I am hoping to not hear any more upsetting news from Washington, but I somehow don’t think it will get any better until he is gone. Blessings!

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