Courage To Finish


It takes courage to write a novel. It also to takes courage to push through writing when you think everything you wrote is the bottom of the most rotten scum, the literary world has ever seen. Sometimes it takes courage to just sit in front of the computer and stare at the empty page in front of you, and create.

Most of all, it takes courage to push through to those words we writers all long for, the words we want to write upon the manuscripts closing, the finished product ready in our hands, to be send out in the world like a child leaving home. “The End”.

So many project though, never reach the stage of completion. Too many of us are listening to our inner voices, speaking, no shouting at us, that our words are not good enough. Some find distractions the welcome excuse for exploiting the possibilities of allowing the entirety of the project come to fruit.

No matter what the excuse we give, or by which name we call the culprit, it boils down to fear. This fear we need to overcome to succeed, in order to not sell ourselves short, and be one of these people whom at old age talk of regret.

I had patients like that, sharing their stories of what they wish they would have done, pointing to boxes and drawers of stories and manuscripts in varies stages of completion, but never been given the proper allowing to grow. Or even to fail.

It is better to have tried, and failed, then to have never tried.

So, with this, I will give you and myself the permission and the courage to finish our stories and put them out there, fail or not, at least we have done it. And who knows, maybe the one step, that one leap of courage to finish will open up a wide world of wonders we might never have dared to dream about before.

We are the dreamers, those with the courage to dream up worlds, to entertain, enchant, embracing all that it means to be human (or alien, or superhero, or dragon).

May we all have the courage to finish.

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