Cleaning Your Dogs Ears The Natural Way


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As many of you know, I have two dogs and a cat, all three of them the most adorable rescue pets one could ever want. But, because they are special needs babies with allergies and other little problems, I emphasize on natural pet care for them, to not aggravate their sensitivities.

This is no difference for ear care. One of our dogs, Athena, who loves to snuggle with Charlie, the cat, is prone to chronic ear problems. Because of that, taking care of her ears is a necessary, and carefully scheduled routine.

The first thing you need to consider when taking care of your dog’s ears is the season. During late Fall, throughout  Winter, and early Spring, dogs (and some cats), tend to have more ear problems, then during the warmer months, so keep that in mind when scheduling your pet care. Also, increase your ear care routine, if you live in a wetter climate, may it be in tropical regions with a lot of rainfall and humidity, or if you are in a snow prone area.  If you are traveling to another climate, with your pets, keep also an extra eye on any symptoms that might occur, such as excessive head shaking, sensitivity to touch of the ear, or scratching at the ear. These can be signs of an ear infection, and should be checked out by a doctor. A combination of medicinal ear wash and antibiotics might be in order.

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Prepping the ear:
If you have a long-hair dog, you might have to trim some of the ear hairs before being able to properly clean the
dog’s ears. Keeping your do’gs ear hairs short is also a good way to prevent from dirt getting stuck so close to
such a sensitive part of your pet. Short ear hairs are not just good signs of pet grooming, but also a vital health
care component.

cleaning-your-dogs-ears-the-natural-way-1Creating Your Ear Wash

Add 1/3 of organic (preferably raw, and unfiltered) apple cider vinegar to 2/3 cup of lukewarm (never hot!)
water, mix well.

Some “recipes” call for Witch Hazel, or a different ratio of 50/50, but I have found both are too strong for a dog with sensitive ears, while being effective enough to keep ear infections and itchiness at bay.

Using The Ear Wash

Use a cosmetic wedge (not a fuzzy cotton ball!), dipping it into the warm mixture, and gently wipe out the ear,  careful not to get too close to the inner ear, and make sure you can compensate for sudden movements. Not all dogs are willing to sit still voluntarily through this treatment.  Keep on wiping until you have cleaned the ear thoroughly, using a new wedge whenever needed.

About the cotton balls: I do not like using cotton balls for this because it can leave pieces behind, which then can cause ear infections, similar to what a cotton swap can do for a human ear, when not used properly. Wedges, on the
other hand, are soft, yet solid, have usually a more narrow, and a wider edge, which gives you some flexibility
in cleaning the ear.




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36 thoughts on “Cleaning Your Dogs Ears The Natural Way

  1. This made me miss my dog! I had to leave him with my parents when I moved. Hope they’re taking proper care of his ears!! I’ll bookmark this so when I see him in a couple of weeks I’ll give him ear TLC!

  2. This would be a nightmare for me and my puppy. It’s hard to get her to sit still so I just take her to the groomers and let the professionals do it 😛 Your pets are adorable!

    1. oh, I am the same, I always am the wettest, after a dog bath, neither of them like it, but with their allergies, and my other dogs bladder problem (they nicked her bladder when they fixed her, that was before we adopted her), I have no choice and neither do they, lol

  3. I hate using chemicals on my pets especially since they’re more sensitive than we are. I think this is amazing and it’s perfect for people who are clueless about cleaning their dog’s ears!

    1. Athena, the dog pictured, actually enjoys it out of some weird reasons. Yes, them two get along well, my other dog is the slightly anti-social one. Blessings!

  4. So pleased I have stumbled across this blog post as our Dalmatian has recently had slightly mucky ears, I have used a cleaner from the vets but also prefer doing things the natural way. Thanks for sharing

  5. That’s a great poist for dog owners. I don’t have any neither am I planing to have one but my neighbors have and I can tell her this

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