100 Healthy Snack Recipes Your Whole Family Will Love!

  I have written about the importance of adding raw foods to your diet before, but did you know that this can also apply to healthy snacking? Yes, I am talking about raw, healthy snacks, that are actually good for you, and your family, while tasting like heaven. Remember sneaking into the kitchen when you …

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Wordless Wednesday: Black And White Flowers

This post is a part of the following blog hops: Black And White Wednesday Wordless Wednesday Wednesday’s Around The World xmasdolly’s Wordless Wednesday  

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  Prison – A Haiku self-imposed is the prison holding me now I long to be free If you or anyone you know is suicidal, please contact your local help centers or call 1-800-273-8255. Please get help. The world is a better place with you in it.

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Coffee, Cookies And WordPress

Welcome to Weekend Coffee Share, the wonderful little blog hop where we all get together and share whatever we want to talk about over a cup of coffee. If you were here today, I would offer you some more thumbprint cookies. Store bought, sorry. It has been a somewhat crazy week. You might be wondering …

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Coffee, Vegan Nutella, Gratitude And A Story

Hey, good to see you! I just made coffee, and I have fresh bread rolls that are still hot from the oven, ready to be topped with delicious jam or some homemade vegan Nutella. How to make homemade Nutella, you ask? Rather simple: Take 1/4 cup of hazelnut butter (you can use peanut or almond …

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Words – Typography On My Mind

  I decided to try something new this week, venture outside of my artistic comfort zone and embrace the creation of some typographic posters. I do this every once in a while, move my focus upon a subject matter or a creative technique I have never tried before, and dive in. Sometimes, I find myself …

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Coffee, Pie And Books – A Weekend Coffee Share Post

  Hey, nice to see you again, glad you could stop by! I got a hot pot of coffee waiting for us both, and a fresh apple pie, that I made after I bought way too many apples this week. Of course, it is vegan, but you would not be able to tell if I …

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Celebrate The Small Things – Rose Edition

Hi,  everyone! It is time again to celebrate all that we are thankful for. Please stop by to say hi to Lexa Cain, our wonderful host of the “Celebrate The Small Things” Blog Hop. As always, it is time to share our gratitude, and I hope you will join us! What am I grateful for …

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Featured Artist Of The Week – Octavi Navarro

  Pixels Hu by Octavi Navarro features fun designs that drew me in because of the artist’s unique ability to draw from video games, and bring that inspiration to life in digital applicable art. I had a chance to connect with him over the last few days and allowed me share some insights into his work …

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Featured Artist Of The Week: Artification

    I ran across Artification (aka Fliss) in my quest of looking for an addition to my growing designer Mug collection, and was immediately drawn to the vivid colors of this artist’s creation. I knew I had to share her creative talent with you.  Her work is exceptionally detailed, and very inviting. Let me introduce …

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