Can Positive Thinking Change Your Life?

Can Positive Thinking Change Your Life-

Successful people ranging from athletes to musicians to entrepreneurs have noted the power of positive thinking in one way or another. They are not always blunt about it, but once you become more aware of the difference between negativity and positivity, you will notice how positive many celebrities and entrepreneurs are from their interviews.


Positive thinking is the act of thinking thoughts that are uplifting, empowering, and supportive. With how much buzz it gets, you’re probably wondering can positive thinking change your life? The answer is yes! But of course, you’d like to see the proof and not just anecdotal evidence. Below, we will cover two scientific facts that indicate positive thinking CAN change your life.


Your Brain is Plastic!


Don’t worry, I’m not claiming that your brain is made out of the same material as the plastic bottle your soda comes in or any other type of plastic. What scientists mean when they say our brains have plasticity is they are able to be changed. Originally, scientists thought that once a person reached adulthood, his/her brain was done growing and couldn’t change. A person who got low grades in school couldn’t become smart. A person who didn’t play an instrument as a child couldn’t have a career in music.


Neuroscience research has proven that wrong. The brain can form new connections, grow new neurones (brain cells), shrink, lose connections, and alter pathways no matter how old you are. The key is repetition. Through repetition, new connections can form in the brain. This means if you decide to stop yourself from letting negative thoughts prevent you from doing something and change them into positive thoughts followed up with positive action, you will eventually transform your life as your brain changes.


Thoughts Can Change the Structure and Function of Your Brain



You might find it hard to believe that thoughts can change the structure and function of your brain. One of the reasons it’s hard to believe is because thoughts are not tangible. You can’t touch, smell, taste, or see them. However, we have all accepted by now that gravity is a real phenomenon, although we can’t touch, smell, taste, or see it either.


Science eventually verified gravidity, and now it has proven that thoughts alter the structure and function of your brain too. Thinking about something releases neurotransmitters (chemicals) in your brain that “communicate” with parts of the brain and the nervous system. The type of neurotransmitter released will determine how your body reacts and what emotion you feel.


It’s exciting to know that your thoughts can change your life for the better. Positive thinking places control over your life back into your hands, so that you don’t feel like a victim of circumstances anymore. You will know that you can escape a bad environment, become rich, or heal your body if you turn your negative thoughts into positive ones while taking action to change those situations or create a situation you do want in your life. As Napoleon Hill pointed out in his book Think and Grow Rich, everything starts with a thought and desire. Therefore, you should only think positive thoughts if you want a positive life.


Bio: Martina, an online entrepreneur, is the founder of Work at Home Trail who has an interest in psychology and the desire to help others live better lives. She worked as a freelance writer online before finally taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. Check out her work here.

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