BlogFest: 30 Things You May Not Know About Me

I don’t know about you, but I love reading those blog posts that show the bloggers behind the websites, I am frequenting. So, when I found out about the BlogFest blog link up, which asks 30 revealing questions of bloggers, I began reading it. I loved the questions so much, that I wanted to participate myself.

Here are my answers:

What did you want to be when you were a kid? 

I was torn between two things – I wanted to be a writer, or work in the medical field, specifically a nurse because before coming to the US, becoming a doctor was out of the question. Once I was in the US though, I wanted to get a doctorate in Nursing. I started going to college, but I had a few people sabotaging that pursuit, and because I lacked the self-confidence that I have now, I let them win. I still regret that.


Which “Friends” character do you relate to the most? Why?  

None of them really. I don’t really like television comedies, so I never watched Friends long enough to relate to any of them. I relate much better to characters that are featured in drama or suspenseful shows.

Do you like your name? Why? 

I am kind of indifferent to the name now, but I hated it as a kid. First of all, there were 5 of us at one point with the same first name in my class, and secondly, I hate the meaning of it. It means lame – which I think is pretty lame. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that my children have names that are either based on a powerful historical figure I admire, or which has a great meaning.

Are you messy or neat?

 I am slightly disorganized at times. If I go through a depressive time in my life, then I become messy. It is really interesting how much my mental state reflects how I treat my environment. But to be totally honest, I would rather do anything else than clean, simply because once you are finished with cleaning something, you will have to do it all over again shortly. I am working on getting a regular cleaning service thought. I already outsourced most of my shopping. ( I love instacart!)


How tall are you?

I am 164 cm, which is 5’ 4’’

How tall were you when you were 10? 

I have no idea. I don’t think I cared. I always thought I was average in height compared to my peers. But because I was bullied a lot, I had more important things to worry about then my height.

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What is your guilty pleasure? 

Coffee and Nutella. Those are two things I am not willing to give up for anything. Okay, Nutella, I can live without, if necessary. Coffee, on the other hand, is my vice of choice.


What are you saving money for right now?

Financial Independence, which is all I can say here openly – that may chance in the future.

How many Pringles can you eat at once?

 I am not really a Pringles fan. If I had to choose a flavor though, I would go for barbecue or pizza flavor. I would probably eat about 5 of those.

Tea or coffee? 

Coffee before tea, but I also love tea. When I do choose tea, then it is herbal or fruit teas. My favorite tea is hibiscus. I love how tart it is.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

 I am a proud introvert. I am okay with being alone for a longer period of time. Actually, I need some alone time each day to function at my best.

What will be your Halloween costume this year?

I don’t do Halloween costumes. To me, Halloween is Samhain and a religious holiday

Sweet or salty?


Favorite social media?

Twitter. It’s quick, it’s informative, and you can share great info with a lot of people. Well, then there are people like the Trump-dude on Twitter. He is an example of what not to do on that platform. Actually, he is an example of what not to do, in every aspect of life.

Who is the last person you kissed

 My daughter, this morning, like I do every morning. My son is not awake yet, otherwise, he would have been slobbered on already as well, lol. The last “person” who kissed me, was my dog, Athena. She insists on giving kisses. Wet and sweet ones.


What is your favorite breakfast?

Whole grain bread with Nutella, a cup of coffee, and a bowl of raspberries


When is your birthday?

In November, I am a Scorpio

When did you start your blog?

Over 5 years ago, I started Avalon Media. A little more than a year ago, I started Miss Fiercely Independent, which I have currently on hiatus, and about 5 months ago, I started my book blog Within The Pages Of A Book

What is your opinion on the Kardashians?

They bore me. I could not care less what they do.

How would you describe your style?

Classic, with the main focus on comfort. I prefer to wear something I can chase my two kids and four rescue animals in,  without worrying too much about how I look.

What color is your hair?

Brown. A normal, slightly boring brown.

What color socks are you wearing?

If I do wear socks – it’s sandal weather right now – I wear white socks, cotton, mostly.

What is your dream job?

Work as a screenwriter in Hollywood.  I am too old to start all over again with the nursing thing.


Dogs or cats?

Both, why choose?

What makes you weird?

I am a practicing Witch – a solitary Hedgewitch to be specific. My faith is eclectic Paganism, and I am dedicated to the Goddess Hecate. I guess that makes me “weird”. I am okay with that. It works for me.


Celebrity crush?

Jared Leto – he is fine, and man can he sing – and act, and direct, and make documentaries. What is not to love?


Opinion on cigarettes?

 They suck and are disgusting. I can not understand how anyone would volunteer to suck on those things, yuck.

Do you want/have children? How many?

 2 kids and I am done. Two is enough, actually, that is the perfect number of kids for me. And yes, that would include adopting. I would not adopt any children at this point in my life.

Three favorite boy names?

Michael – like the Archangel, Ethan – which sounds really cool to me, and Jared – well you already know why.

Three favorite girl names?

Anastasia, Victoria, and Jessica (those are not my kid’s names, I just think they sound cool)

Great questions, aren’t they? If you want to participate follow this link and enter your own blog post to the link-up. And don’t forget to show some love to the other people participating.





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4 thoughts on “BlogFest: 30 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I also like reading about the blogger behind the blog as I often read the about page a lot. I think you should place your ‘about me’ page link at the top as I didn’t even see it until I look for it.

    Claudia sounds like a good name to me though I had no idea it means ‘lame.’ I usually find that even though names have meanings, it doesn’t mean you have to accept the meaning, you know what I mean? I don’t suppose you have a nickname that you like more to be call by?

    I’m not a coffee drinker so I can’t understand when people said they can’t live without coffee but I can understand getting used to something and not wanting to change it.

    this is my first visit to your blog, it’s been interesting to read about you.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Nice to meet you, Claudia. 🙂 Thanks for joining the blogfest. I hope you get a chance to read and comment on some of the other entries, as well. We seem to have a few things in common, like a popular name, loving coffee and wanting to be a Hollywood screenwriter. I was intrigued by your response to the “weird” question and Googled “solitary Hedgewitch”. Sounds like a healer for whatever ails. Interesting! You mentioned Twitter, but I didn’t find you there. Have you considered adding social follow buttons to your website, to increase your exposure? I ‘ll share this post to Twitter anyway, and it will also be simulcast to my Facebook page. Cheers!

  3. Wow, you are very interesting (and in so many ways, like me!) We are introverts with alternating moods (although I do have bipolar disorder) who are not at all interested in the Kardashians (because they are talentless bores), are 5’4 (not diminutive but below average), and would relate far more to a dramatic character than to the fake characters in a sitcom! And that’s just the few things which stuck with me.

    I don’t get Twitter though (although I do have an account @shahw1)

    Have a fine weekend my friend. 🙂


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