Best Daily Guided Meditation – A Review

Best Daily Guided Meditation - A Review

Due to the many health benefits of daily meditation, I try to include a daily guided meditation in my morning routine. But because I did not want to spend a lost of time looking for a new meditation on a regular basis, and knowing that I would get bored with using the same one every day, I began searching for an online resource that would assist me in that endeavour.  And now I want to share with you the best daily guided meditation site I have found so far. sends out a daily new meditation, which I then can play on my smartphone or on my PC, and integrate seemingly into my morning routine. I love the warmth and beauty with which each meditation has been created, and how relaxing each one of them is – which has actually prompted me to occasionally rewatch the days meditation at the end of my day, right before going to sleep.

What are the benefits of meditating daily? 

  1. your focus improves tremendously
  2. less stress induced headaches
  3. longer ability to concentrate
  4. improvement of the immune system
  5. better memory
  6. overall better mood

And these are just a few of the many benefits of a daily meditation.

So, I highly recommend this inexpensive monthly program – I am only paying 5 Dollars a month, and I can cancel it anytime – which is well worth the time it would take me to find high quality and often expensive meditations. Instead, I choose to use It is without a doubt – in my humble opinion – the best daily guided meditation program out there!



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