August Is Productivity Month – How Productive Are You?


All throughout August, I will be focusing on two major subjects – getting back to school, and productivity. This is mainly because I am already focused on productivity, as I am taking part of the BohoBerry Productivity Challenge throughout this month. If you don’t know BohoBerry, you should check her out. Her videos about bullet journaling and planning are the best out there, and probably the standard that every other bullet journal blogger and Youtuber measures themselves by. You can jump into her challenge any day of the month, and there is also a Facebook group that you can join to stay motivated, and be inspired. I will also try to post at least every other day on Instagram related to the challenge.


But today, I want to focus on productivity and an overview of what I use on a daily basis. 


In order to stay organized I utilize a personalized version of the bullet journal. I have found that traditional planners, and even planner inserts do not work for me, and that is why I fell in love with bullet journaling. Check out this video for a quick overview of what bullet journaling is, if you are not familiar with the system.


Unlike most bullet journaling peeps, I don’t use Moleskine or Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks (as a German, it’s however a lot of fun, watching people trying to pronounce Leuchtturm properly – by the way Leuchtturm means literally translated “lit up tower” and is the German word for “lighthouse”). Instead, I use large spiral bound Five Star Notebooks, the quad-ruled version because the smaller notebooks
simply don’t work for me.  I have simply too much to write down every day, and week to be able to use the standard bullet journal notebooks. The great side effect of that is, that they are much cheaper. I also prefer the minimalist approach to bullet journaling, because I rarely have time to doodle beyond what you see on today’s spread below.


During this month, I am also going to share some of the digital tools I use for organization. Evernote is by far my favorite, out of many reasons, but also because I can use it on all of my devices, even the Kindle. You can use the free version, or you can utilize the premium membership, which adds a few features, such as the ability to upload more content each month – such as bill receipts.


For journaling, I do however use a Moleskin notebook – for my private journal, as well as my Faith journal. I have already written a post about my faith journal and will share some journal prompts with you tomorrow. Journaling – in my opinion – is an essential part of productivity routine, as it is an important part of self-care. And I am a firm believer that if one does not take of oneself first, then they will not be able to follow through on their dreams.


Two more digital items I use for planning are the app TimeBlocks and my MSN calendar. I use the calendar to schedule all of my book tour information, book release dates, guest posts, and anything else that is time sensitive. It sinks with TimeBlocks on my phone, which makes it easy for me to add a to-do-list on the fly to my calendar, which I then transfer every morning into my bullet journal. TimeBlocks is easy to use, easy to integrate with whatever digital calendar you are using, and it is free.


But of course, not all products, and systems I have purchased worked. I will point these out and share some of journals and planners I have tried, which have not worked for me, in the long run, such as the DayDesigner by Blue Sky.


I hope you will find this series interesting, and useful. If you have any particular planner subjects, or organizational tips you want me to address, leave me a comment in the comment section below.


For some closing motivation, I want to leave you with Tom Bilyeu’s(founder of Quest Nutrition)  words of wisdom when it comes to getting stuff done. I must warn you, he uses strong language to get his point accross, which to me, I find refreshing, but it may be offensive to others.


Happy Planning!




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