Amazing Health Benefits Of Arnica

Amazing Health Benefits Of Arnica

After a pretty nasty fall during our move last week, I was happy to have an Arnica salve on hand. Luckily it only left me with bruises,  some missing skin, and a gash on my forehead – I fell face first, but at least my bruising has subsided somewhat already.

Without the aid of Arnica, however, I am pretty sure I would still look like I participated in an MMA match.

Health Benefits of Arnica

The bright yellow flowers of Arnica are beautiful, but this plant, that grows in mountain regions is not only pretty but a healing powerhouse.

Used as a salve, gelsand creams to aid the healing of sprains, swollen joints, and contusions, this plant is also known to be used in homeopathic preparations. There it used to relief inflammation of the gums, or to heal insect bites.

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Some people might experience allergic reactions, such as reddening of the skin, even though those are rare and harmless in most cases, you should be careful using arnica if you are prone to allergies. (Source: Dr. Martina Melzer

By opening up the blood vessels, Arnica also speeds up the healing process of bruises. Containing sesquiterpene and dihydrohelenalin, flavonoids, polysaccharides, inulin, tannins, mucilage and resins, it has a pain-relieving effect, which makes it great for sports injuries.

Arnica tea:

Arnica also makes a wonderful, pleasant tasting healing tea, which aids with the reduction of inflammation, and as an antibacterial remedy. I, however, suggest that you mix arnica with other mild herbs, such as chamomile or limit yourself to 2 cups per day, in order to protect yourself from any potential stomach upset. If you have any type of stomach issues, stay away from drinking arnica tea.

Also, this herb is not safe to ingest someone with high blood pressure, as it tends to raise blood pressure.

Arnica hair rinse:

You can use a mixture of 4 to 6 drops of arnica tincture to 1 cup of water to rinse your hair, to aid in the reduction of dandruff.  Never use arnica tincture, or oil without diluting it first on your hair, or skin!

Arnica is not safe to be used during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding.


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